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Gatorade - First commercial ever

No description

James Woolhouse

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Gatorade - First commercial ever

Old Gatorade Commercial
This commercial is one of the first ever Gatorade commercials ever. It first aired in 1969. It uses testimonial by saying that all pro baseball players drink Gatorade. It also says that active people drink it , so it is basically saying if you don't drink Gatorade you probably are not active.
Gatorade Through the Ages
Gatorade has changed a bit since it was first made here are some ads and commercials for Gatorade showing this change

Old Gatorade Bottle
This is a picture of what Gatorade bottles used to look like. They used to be very regular looking. They do not use any weasel words or other things to try to get you to buy it. The bottle is just very plain
1980s Gatorade Commercial
This ad is a little bit newer than the previous one. Unlike the last commercial it has a slogan " Gatorade Is Thirst Aid" and it has a little song to go with it.
Modern Gatorade Commercial
Be like Mike Gatorade Commercial
This commercial has testimonial in it because it has Michael Jordan in it and it is pretty much saying that if you drink Gatorade you will "be like Mike." It also uses a song and slogan "Be Like Mike.
This commercial has a lot of change. It shows new versions of Gatorade. It has Gatorade chews and Gatorade Recover. It also has a pro athletes Kevin Durant and Dwanye Wade. The Gatorade packaging is also different. It is more colorful and has a new symbol
Lightning Bolt
This commercial pretty sums up Gatorade through the ages.
These are the new and improved Gatorade bottles. They way different than the old bottles when Gatorade was distributed by Stokely. It actually has color and is not plain.
New Gatorade Symbol
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