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FFA Public Relations

2013 Competition

Justin Richey

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of FFA Public Relations

Leadership Development
Judging Contest
Merkel FFA
Public Relations

Official Dress
FFA Jacket
Animal Project
Entrepreneurial SAE
Placement SAE
Research SAE
Conducted outside of the classroom
Must be totally new to you
Must also be Ag related
Experimental SAE
Improvement SAE
Supplemental SAE
Conducted outside of the classroom
Contributes to your agricultural skills
Official FFA Jacket
White Collar Shirt
Official FFA Tie
Black Slacks
Black Shoes (Closed toe)
Black Socks
Official FFA Jacket
White Collar Blouse
Official FFA Scarf
Black Skirt (Knee Length)
Black Hosiery
Black Shoes (Closed toe)
Crop Project
Concession Stand
Fruit, Meat, and Cookie Dough Sale
Jr. and Sr. Quiz
Jr. and Sr. Creed Speaking
Jr. and Sr. Farm Skills
Radio Broadcasting
Job Interview
Public Relations
Good Qualities Gained
Speaking Skills
"Thinking on their feet"
Making Quick Desicions
Benefits in the Long Run
Improves decision making skills
Learn how to work independently
Learn how to handle working under pressure
Speeches from keynote speakers
Officer speeches
Vote for State President
Talent contest
Participate in a business session
Merkel FFA Booster $500
Merkel FFA up to $1,000
State and National
Texas FFA $1 Million
National FFA $2.1 Million
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