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The Christian's attempt to take over Palestine and how it ended Feudalism

Matt Zhang

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Crusades

Double click anywhere & add an idea CRUSADES by: Matthew Zang, Ernest, Sushmith Crusades-
1. A series of militrary expeditions to gain the Holy Land
2. A vigorous movement to promote an idea or cause Introduction
The Three Empires
Holy Roman Empire-Catholic
Byzantine Empire-Orthodox religion
Seljuk Turks-Muslim First Crusade Fourth Crusade Third Crusade Second Crusade Other Crusades
Effects How it ended Feudalism Start of the Crusades 1096-1099 Purpose-Recapture Byzantium and the Holy Land Alexius askes Pope Urban II for help
Byzantine empire was attacked by Seljuk Turks
Both knights and peasants from all over went to the Holy Land Pope Urban uses this as an opportuniy to harness knight's violence, and to seize Bynzatium http://middle-ages.org.uk/the-crusades.htm
http://en.wikipedia.org/ GOD WILLS IT!! Citations:
People's Crusade-Peter the Hermit preached and aroused the peasants. Unorganized and unarmed, they set out for the Holy Land
Seige of Antioch-1097 to 1098; was captured before the crusaders set out to Jerusalem
Taking over of Jerusalem-Two attacks;
aka Kings' Crusade Purpose-attempt to recapture
Palestine from Muslims Three Main Commanders:
Phillip-Had a conflict with Richard the Lionheart; left
Barbossa-wimp who drowned
Richard the Lionheart-Fought with Saladine
How they raised the money:
Robbing Jews
Unusual taxes
Selling lands Acre-
Christians seiged Acre
Phillip aided Richard in the taking over of Acre
Acre was in Christian control Richard and Saladine-
two respectable leaders
tale of Richard and his horse
had a truce
Acre was in control of Christians
Jerusalem was in control by Muslims, but
Christians could freely visit the Holy Lands if unarmed Edessa, a latin state, was taken over by the Turks.
Brutal retaliation by the Seljuk Turks. ordered by Pope Innocent III How Ironic
destroyed monuments
carried away wealth Made Constantinople weak and vulnerable to Muslims 1212 Brutal Aftermath
many died from starvation and exhaustion
rest sold into slavery NONE reached the Holy Land! Followers followed him past the Mediterranean Sea A young boy preached that Jesus visited him Children's Crusade All Abortive Many knights were killed by the Muslims Ended in a failure for the
church and Muslims gained
Holy Land The church gained lots of wealth, but lost authority and
power over the people to the king Crusaders launched an attack against a Christian city The decline of feudalism when lords sold their land to raise money for the crusades Discovered lots of information about Europe's past from the Muslim libraries that were discoverd when the crusaders attacked Jerusalem Cities such as Venice, Pisa and Genoa gained lots of wealth from transporting weapons and armor and other needs of the crusaders through their ships The decline of feudalism when lords sold their land to raise money for the crusades Contributed to the rise of cities National monarchies were strengthened due to the crusades People began to trade so they didn't need to produce everything themselves Cities began to spelize in certain areas so there was less work to do, and traded with others to get their basic needs Cities became a better place to live in with better oppertunities so many serfs ran away from their manors, to go to cities http://www.conservapedia.com/The_Crusades Effects:
4 Latin states developed: Jerusalem, Anitoch, Edessa, Tripoli
3 military orders (Hospitalers, Tomplars, and Teutonic Knights two kings each marched seperately with their own army each defeated seperately preached by St. Bernard Campaigns against all religions:
everyone who's not a Christian Only Success
-a combined force of Norman, English, German, etc... crusaders helped Portuguese
-captured Lisbon, expelling Morish occupants 5th Crusade-lead by kings of Hungary, Cyprus Rise in interest of other civilizations
Rise in tourism Much knowledge was gained about their own past 6th Crusade-lead by Fredrick II
7th Crusade-lead by Louis IX 8th Crusade-lead by Louis IX
believed to have died from the plague 9th Crusade-led by Prince Edward of England Conclusion
The Crusades played an important
part in the ending feudalism Interest in other lands Positives Negatives Revival of Knowledge Increase of Trade
lead to growth of towns MANY deaths Nobles lost power because
sold land for crusades
freed serfs Church lost power-weakening hold over peasants Financing for the crusades lead to developments in banking, taxation, and commerce http://www.ancienthistory.abc-clio.com Teutonic Knights lead to the foundations for Poland and Germany Navigation and ship building improved A sense of unity developed Weakened
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