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5th Grade...the journey of a lifetime!

No description

Allison Ratcliffe

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of 5th Grade...the journey of a lifetime!

5th Grade...the journey of a lifetime!
And finally...
5th Grade Standards
1. Ecosystems
2, Human Body
3. Investigating Weather Systems
4. Motion and Design

Social Studies
1. Economy
2. Revolutionary War
3. Government and Westward Expansion
4. Civil War and Reconstruction
5th Grade Mathematics—Units of Study

* Multiplication and Division
* Decimals (+ - x /) Problem solving
* Powers and Multiples of 10
* Geometry - 2D Figures and Attributes
* Coordinate System (X,Y axis)
* Operations/Algebraic Thinking
-Order of Operations & Expressions
-Numerical Patterns
* Fractions (+ - x /) Problem Solving
* Measurement and Data

Language Arts
Policies and Procedures and more...
Quarter 1 Essential Questions:
• How do I locate and cite evidence to improve my comprehension?
• How do I effectively use the writing process?
• How do I analyze literary and informational text structure to improve my comprehension and writing?

Novel Study (ongoing)

• Reading response journal (ongoing)

• Daily Writing journal (ongoing)

• Book Clubs (quarterly)
Focus this month: Books on adversity

• Word study (prefixes, roots, affixes) (ongoing)

Spelling (morphology)

• Comprehension quizzes (ongoing)

• Grammar/conventions quizzes (ongoing)

• Graphic organizers (ongoing)

• Demonstrate use of reference materials (ongoing)

• Organized notes (ongoing)

• Short answer question response (ongoing)

We will be using interactive notebooks .
We will be using interactive notebooks
Class Novels

It is important for your child to own a copy of each class novel/book that we read in class. One of the biggest skills in reading is “digging deeper”. It is hard for students to answer higher level questions without a book/e-book in hand.

The United States needs to be more competitive and build new standards for our students. The National Science Foundation “estimates that 80% of the jobs created in the next decade will require some form of math and science skills.” from an article by Dr. Patricia Fioriello
"Understanding the Basics of STEM Education"
*Students work with different groups for each STEM.
*students work with limited supplies to create a given task.
*Ask your child about STEM/Engineering Friday!
Homework Policy
Homework is specifically designed to provide students with practice of the skills that have been taught in class. As fifth grade students, children can expect to have about 1 hour’s worth of homework each night (Monday- Thursday). However the actual amount of work your child may have is dependent upon a number of factors, including their work ethic, comfort level of topics, and utilization of the Smart Lunch.
Smart Lunch

SMART Lunch offers students time during a lunch period to study, complete makeup work, and explore additional academic interests. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for students to enrich their learning experiences and/or receive additional academic help and support during the school day.

SMART Lunch Rules-
• Students need to be prepared
• Students need to sign in
• Students must eat lunch
Smart Lunch Schedule

Smart Lunch Schedule
Monday Ms. Cubbage
Tuesday Mr. Treichler
Wednesday Mrs. Ratcliffe
Thursday Ms. Cubbage
Friday Catch Up Lunch
Class Dojo
Benefits of Class Dojo:
Engages Students
Tracks Data
Real-Time Feedback
Focuses on Positive Behavior

Dojo Bank Accounts
As a supplement to our Social Studies Economy Unit, each child will have a bank account. Each Dojo point converts to $10.00 in their bank account. Students are paid each Monday and 2% taxes are deducted from their paychecks. Currently, students have the opportunity to be hired for jobs to earn extra money. Coming soon...opportunity costs...items will be available for sale such as...
Sit with any 5th grade friend at lunch!
4 - Exemplary Student consistently demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the standards, concepts, and skills taught during this reporting period.
3 - Proficient Student consistently demonstrates an understanding of the standard, concepts, and skills taught during this reporting period.
2 – Approaching
Proficiency Student is approaching an understanding of the standards, concepts, and skills taught during this reporting period.
1 – Non-Proficiency Student does not yet demonstrate an understanding of the standards, concepts, and skills taught during this reporting period.

Work habits and conduct will receive performance indicators separate from the content area. The following indicators will be used:

3 Meets expectations
2 Inconsistently meets expectations
1 Does not meet expectations

Starting in the 2013-14 school year, WCPSS will
use 3* for the elementary standards-based report cards
Standard Base Grading
Thank you for sharing your child...
Snack Policy
Students are welcome and
to bring a daily snack to school. Time will be provided in Block II for students to eat a small, healthy snack. For convenience, please ensure that your child’s snacks are packed in small disposable bags or small reusable containers.
Remember, empty bellies create empty minds
Field Trips
5th Graders will have 2 field trips this year.
December 12, 2014 Camp Flintlock will come to our school and enrich our social studies curriculum.
April 8 & 9 (Mackee, Lawrence and O'Donnell)
April 9 & 10 (Ratcliffe, Cubbage, Treichler)
: our classes will travel to Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Center for their Environmental Education program. This is an overnight field trip.
***More details on both field trips to come***
Resource Teachers
Michelle Dupree
Special Education Teacher

Dyane Barnett
A.I.G. Teacher

21st century skills!

post messages to the teacher and ask questions about work from home

share ideas about class work from anywhere at any time

share files and resources with the teacher and other students in the class

keep track of important due dates, events and tasks quickly and easily catch up on handouts or work missed due to absence

receive and hand-in assignment tasks electronically (as needed)
Assessments of Essential Learning Targets
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