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The Beef State

No description

M2K Kids

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of The Beef State

Nebraska was founded by Lewis and Clark. It became a state on March 1, 1867. There is about 20 different native tribes.
Location and Geography
Nebraska has about 77,421 square miles. Nebraska is on the great plains. That is a little about the location and geography.
Big Cities
The capital is Lincoln, but the largest city is Omaha. There is about 30 big cities. Two of them are Grand Island
and Columbus. Those are some of the big cities of Nebraska.
The Missouri River and The Platte River are some of the bodies of water. The Missouri River constilutes Nebraskas eastern border. The Platte River runs through the middle of Nebraska.
Natural Resources
Some of the natural resources are fish, trees, and land. A natural resource is anything that exists naturally.
Argricultral Resources and Manufactoring Products
Corn, wheat, and soy beans are all from Nebraska. An argricultral resource is a hazardous material. A manufactoring product is something made by man. Two Inc. and A to Z Printing.
Nebraska has the same 4 seasons as us. The average rain fall is 26.1 inches. The average snowfall is 27.8 inches. There has been about 230 sunny days. The highest was 118 degrees. The coldest tempature so far was -47 degrees. That is the climate of Nebraska.
Big Attractions
Here are 2 of the big attractions; Village and the birth place of Kool-Aid. Village is in Minder,NE. The birth place of Kool-Aid is in Hastings,NE.
In 2010 it was 1,826,341 people. In 2013 it was 1,855,525. So far in 2014, it has been 1,870,291 people. That is some of the population of Nebraska.
Famous people and interesting facts
Some famous people from Nebraska are Alex Gordon and Larry the Cable Guy. Alex Gordon is a baseball player. Larry the Cable Guy is an actor on TV and in movies. Nebraska is the 37th largest state. Nebraska has lots of windmills and became a state in 1867. They are one hour behind us.
"Equality before the law" is the state motto
Facts about the Govenor
The govenor has 2 favorite meals. They are steak and potatoes and hamburgers and french fries. His favorite place is McDonalds. His favorite snack is Snickers Candy Bar. He even has a dog named Snickers. Thats a little about the govenor.
Western Meadowlork
Populus Sect Aigeiros Tree
State flag
Goldenrod flower
Thank you
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