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Art Criticism: Peter Max

No description

Mary Fountain

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of Art Criticism: Peter Max

Art Criticism: Peter Max
Feldman's Model of Art Criticism
What do you see?
Name objects.
Name elements.
How is the artwork organized?
Where is the center of interest?
Did the artist create a sense of depth?
Is there a specific mood in the work?
Based on the visual elements and principles that the artist incorporated, were the artist's intentions successful?
Why or why not?
What is critical to the work?
Peter Max
Does this new information
change your opinion of
the artwork?
Would this have
helped you write the letter to the potential art buyer?
History of Peter Max
American born on October 19, 1937 in Germany, lived in Shanghai as a child and ended up in NYC for high school.
Before being exposed to it, Max learned about American culture through comic books.
As a child, he became very interested in astronomy and astrology.
"Max is an environmentalist, vegetarian and defender of human and animal rights."
4 Step Model for evaluating art.
Use your knowledge of the elements of design!
What does this piece mean to you?
Is there a major theme in the work?
What emotion does the image elicit?
What ideas or feelings do you associate with the visual elements and principles?
Do you like the image?
Use your knowledge
of the principles of design!
Magical Moment, 1971
Make Every Day Earth Day,
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