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A Growing Nation 1800-1840

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Hannah Meeks

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of A Growing Nation 1800-1840

A Growing Nation 1800-1840
Characteristics of American Romanticism
Romanticism: an artistic movement that dominated Europe and America during the 19th century
Romantic writers:
elevated imagination over reason
intuition over fact
were interested in seeing the effects of industrialization; they believed too much "progress" was bad and that we should return to nature
stressed the need to return emphasis to the human being
focused on individuality, emotions, and nature
Qualities of the Romantic Era
focus on the common people
examination of inner feelings and emotions
interest in the supernatural
folk traditions
focus on the individual
change/reform society
romanticized the past
new forms of expression
Washington Irving
Edgar Allan Poe
William Cullen Bryant
Historical Background
President Jefferson signed the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, extending the American boundary west to the Rocky Mountains. It doubled America in size.

“Trail of Tears” – during the Jackson era, the removal of the Cherokees from Georgia to Oklahoma causing thousands to die on the journey

War of 1812 – between America and Great Britain
- Francis Scott Key = “The Star-Spangled Banner”
- after the war, there was a feeling of solidarity in the U.S.

Monroe Doctrine – President James Monroe, fearing intervention from Europe, stated that the Americas are not to be colonized by any European powers

The Alamo – Texas seceded from Mexico and became the Republic of Texas

Begin to see the definitive end of the Puritan influence. People wanted money, and they wanted money IMMEDIATELY.
Characteristics of American Gothic Literature
Gloomy settings
grotesque, mysterious, or violent events
atmosphere of degeneration and decay
the element of fear
"night journeys" movement through the dark
evil characters or characters who are perceived to be evil
supernatural elements (ghosts, goblins, monsters, demons, etc.)
psychological overlay- how characters are affected by these dark aspects.
Poe is one of the most famous American Gothic writers
The American Voice
The United States in 1803
Before 1800, American writers were not widely read.
This began to change as American writers began to define the national voice.
The primary theme of American writing was the quest of the individual to define himself/herself
The characteristic journey of the 19th century is the journey away from the city and back to nature.
This period in American literature is characterized by physical and cultural expansion. The development of the American voice and cultural identity was central to this time period.
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