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Dressing code and behavior

Group assignment

Christina Melachrinou

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Dressing code and behavior

Anything non mainstream (indie)
"I listened to that before it was mainstream" dressing code Big hats, big glasses, tattoo, piercing, mustache, beards (pseudo cultured) Hip-hoppers music rap, r&b, hip-hop dressingcode american baseball hats, wide pants, baggy short trousers, long basketball t-shirts, chains around the neck. Trendy music anything mainstream dressing code indifferent style, designer clothes,cars with fixed parts, loud music while driving, wand to attract attention, superficial people. Heavy metal types music metal, core dressing code black colored clothes, leather jackets,
wallet-chains, mostly long hair, torn jeans, piercing, tattoos.
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