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Salvation History

No description

Aimee Solano

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Salvation History

Salvation History
The Quest of the
People of God
The Patriarchs and Location

The Exodus, The Wilderness, The Wandering
What is Salvation?
-The path to salvation
-The fulfilment of the Promise to Abraham

Lofhink p. 125 "Here the Threshold is crossed"

Organization &
Moving Forward
-Transition from informality to monarchy

Power Struggles and Structures
-We're on our own, what next?

*The Tribes
*Judges- not Kings
- Exodus, Duteronemy, Numbers, & Joshua
-Egypt and the Exile
-Moses as a spearhead
-Struggle of the Faithful
The Height of Monarchy
-David as the first unifer
-central capital: Jeruselem

Struggles, Splits and Falls
-Solomon and Rehoboam
-Judah (south) and Israel (north)
-The fall
Exile and Return
-Babylonian Captivity
-deportation as a means of margnialization
-division between Israelites and Samaritans
-Hasmoneans and Greek Culture
-The Romans and Herod
-Influence on the
New Testemate
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