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Effects of Sunlight on Rubber, Ink, Paper, & Food Items

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Eden Alcomendas

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Effects of Sunlight on Rubber, Ink, Paper, & Food Items

Eden Alcomendas & Michelle Chin
Question For You:
What do you think happens when RUBBER comes in contact with SUNLIGHT?
Sunlight & Rubber
Molecular bonding
Polymer molecules
UV lights create stronger bonds
Effects of Sunlight on Rubber, Ink, Paper, & Food Items
What Is Ink?
Solvents, Pigments, Dyes, Lubricants, Fluorescers, etc.
Focused on Printer Ink (Pigments)
Small, strong bonds
Sunlight & Ink
Weaker bonds remain intact
"life-expectancy" is shortened
Hypothesis: Paper
Paper will heat up without any physical change
Sunlight & Paper
flimsy when lifted
bleaching action
yellow/brown color change
weaker paper
What Is Rubber?
Made of Latex
Also consists of H, C, O, S
Hypothesis: Rubber
Rubber will dry up
If in contact long enough, it will crack
Hypothesis: Ink
Color will fade
What is Paper?
Chunks of Wood + Hot Water = Pulp
Recycles Paper added
Dye added later
Hypothesis: Fruits and Vegetables
Depending on the item, it would shrivel and dry up
Sunlight, fruits & vegetables
fruits and vegetables need for sunlight to nourish growth
color change
moisture of fruits and vegetables
Sunlight - powerful effects on various items
Energy to change physical and chemical properties of items
Breaks or grows items
Sunlight has the ability to change the physical and chemical properties of the various items we tested.

Rubber- Dry, Cracks
Ink- Fades
Paper- Shrivels
Carrots- Dry
Banana- Changes color
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