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Teams, Games, and Tournaments

No description

Bryan Mix

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of Teams, Games, and Tournaments

Teams, Games, and Tournaments
Why Use TGT?
* Enhances cooperation and friendly competition
* Students are stimulated by both competition and cooperation.
* Allows students with different ability levels to wok together
* Students work together to towards mastery learning
* TGT can teach and meet the requirements of effective cooperative learning.
*Holds students accountable for their own work
* Positive face-to-face interactions
* Fosters interdependence
* fosters group processing skills
* Uses a variety of questioning
* Scoring is motivational
*Provides good assessment data
* Builds learning through repetition and variation
( Silver, Strong,& Perini, 2007)
Sample Activity Utilizing TGT ( Lesson Plan)
Additional Resources

This is a printed “handout” to provide the audience with a closer look in the practice of TGT and the steps on how to use the method within the classroom.


This is a print handout that covers different strategies to mastery level learning. It includes Web Based as well as TGM. Everyone may find this helpful.


This is a blog created to explain and demonstrate the use of TGT in the classroom There are directions and examples throughout the blog


This is a printed handout that will better explain the benefits of using the method. This is something that the audience can take with them, read, analyze, and reflect on after a presentation of the methods.
Video for Further Explanation
This is a YouTube Video that the audience can watch and reflect on after the presentation on the TGT Method for teaching.
TGT Made Easy
Resources for Presentation, Print Material, Websites, and Other Information


Within the website there is a PDF that explains the procedures of using TGM strategies. It is an easy to follow step-by-step guide to TGM.


Within this website there are many different links to talk about mastery level skills and strategies for teachers. There are some that focus on TGM strategies and the pro’s and con’s of using them.

How to begin using Teams, Games, Tournaments (TGT)
Graphic Organizer for student preparation for activity and Lesson plan.
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