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Research Problem

No description

Lauren Condina

on 16 May 2017

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Transcript of Research Problem

Research Problem
Today, a majority of the individuals depend on dating apps or websites in order to meet "potential partners."
Unfortunately, there are some individuals who won't take the next step and meet with the individual(s) they are messaging in person.
A majority of the individuals lack skills in interpersonal communication, which is one of the reasons why many individuals develop social anxiety.

Research Objective
Determine what social situation(s) often triggers anxiety
Explore ways, learn from personal experience and find new solutions to make individuals more comfortable in meeting others through the dating app(s).
Linking a social media account to a dating website
They would be able to share things about themselves without having to "swipe right" or "respond within the next 24 hours"
A profile type of page that asks ice breaker questions to both individuals (who are messaging one another) in order to relieve the anxiety of not knowing what to say
This tactic allows individuals to not feel "overwhelmed" or helpless bc sometimes we don't know WHAT TO SAY ON THE FIRST TIME MESSAGING
Making this dating app almost like a GAME
There are levels in this app that allows both sides to be more comfortable
60% believe they can find a lifetime partner
8% have met with someone 5 or more times
Research Study: Social Anxiety & Dating Apps
Since then, how many times have you met up with
someone on the app?
Do you think its possible to find a lifetime partner with someone you met via a dating app?
When asked, "What situations makes people most anxious?"
16 - 17 people answered: "Making speeches"
29 people answered: "Meeting new people"
Less than 4 people answered: "Talking on the phone"
Vivian Nguyen, Chelsea Sullins, Lauren Condina, Anthony Avery, & Kayhan Susuz,

COMM 410
Professor Barnes
May 15, 2017

Strong demands
Niche target audience
Strategy towards Target Boomers

Difficult to enter the market
Privacy concerns
Trust issues
Products’ quality not as expected
Dependence on members fee

Ability to create a “niche” dating experience
A possible chance to find “the one” or compatible partner
Developing a new “Dating app”
Grow market and global share

Strong competition that offers similar products
Potential lawsuits
US low capital requirements for entry into the industry
Downward price competition and pressure on member’s fee

Research Problem
Research Objective
Descriptive Study
SWOT Analysis
Survey Questions
Descriptive Study
Research to describe a dating app that can overcome social anxiety.
The descriptive studies often require very large samples, so 100 individuals will be our subject. To better define opinions, attitudes, ins, outs and behaviours.
Determine the main causes of social anxiety and how we can prevent social anxiety while using a dating app.
Thank you!
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