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Short Answers


Tim Simons

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of Short Answers

Can we do this? Can we learn all the grammar? Can we identify this man? Je kan op een vraag
bevestigend en ontkennend (not) antwoorden.
Wat voor zin je ook krijgt, je herhaalt altijd:
het onderwerp + het 1e werkwoord! Bevestigend: Ontekkend Have you got the project? Yes, I have. Does he like this music? Yes, he does. Can we ask her name? Yes, we can. Do they write many articles? Yes, they do. Is he a nice little fella? Yes, he is. Have you got the project? Does she like this music? Can we ask her name? Do they write many articles? Is he a nice little fella? No, I haven't. No, she doesn't. No, we can't. No, they don't. No, he isn't. Je maakt de onderstaande
zinnen eerst vragend.
Daarna moet je er antwoord op geven! 1. Your parents are the best!
2. You like bananas.
3. Your neighbour plays soccer.
4. Your mother/caretaker loves music.
5. You stay up late every day!
(Late means: till 12 o'clock!)
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