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Electrical Engineering

QMT and John Horton

Quynh Mai Trinh

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Quynh Mai Trinh and Jon Horton What is electrical engineering? I think this is about feelings! I think this is about data! Design Maintain electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, and systems Implement Improve Mathematical and Scientific Knowledge Better efficiency ...and performance Leadership Creativity Synergy Thorough Flexibility Risk-taker Skills Work environment Office 40 hours/week high school Courses Calculus English Pre-Engineering Mechanical and Structural Engineering AP Physics Clubs ACE Mentoring Robotics Club Other opps Mr. Hanrahan Internships College Penn state Carnegie Mellon Drexel University of Pitt University of Rochester University of Delaware Bucknell University Lehigh University Boston University 4 years bachelor's degree required University of Delaware $40,000 includes tution,room and board, other fees Schedule After Graduation Attain license(s) Internship/Training - 6 mnths - 1 year You're official now! projects NYC LA X Satellite 13 12500 12000 Law of Cosines Jobs Electronic Engineering Technician Folson, CA Electrical Engineering (Entry Level) Dayton, Ohio Engineering Project Manager Houston, TX $50,000 Experienced $130,000 & UP Growth (10-15 years): 6% Education To do list: Internships Summer research Thank you for listening!
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