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Presentation for parents regarding two-week science recycling unit in 4th grade classroom.

Sammy Hindin

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of skhindin_sortingouttherecycling

Palmer, Alaska
email: skhindin@alaska.edu
phone: (907) 123-4567 Looking at Local Recycling Proposals SMARTBoard Computer Lab [UNIT OVERVIEW] Sorting Out The Recycling The student writes about a topic by [4] 2.1.1 writing a paragraph that maintains a focused idea and includes details to support the main idea. (page 61, print edition 4) 1. What makes recycling different than the other REs?
2. What does it mean to preserve or protect a resource?
3. Who’s responsibility is it to recycle? Why?
[PERFORMANCE TASK] Creating a School Wide Recycling Proposal Each student will write a letter home on Friday about their recycling habits.
Please respond! Which of the following is an example of recycling?
a) Bringing cloth bags to the grocery store, instead of using plastic bags
b) Melting old glass bottles to make new ones
c) Donating too-small clothes to the donation store
d) Saving a plastic soda bottle to use as a water bottle the next day
Each student will create a recycling proposal for the school.
Their proposal will include a persuasive introduction and comprehensive plan. Welcome!
May 4, 2010

Sammy Hindin
(907) 123-4567 Performance tasks give students the opportunity to take part in real life situations!
Analyzing, Evaluating, Creating

Students will understand that by recycling they are working to preserve and protect earth’s resources for themselves and future generations. [OUR SCHOOL] Selected Response:
Multiple Choice and True/False
Use sparingly
Quick checks for understanding
Guide teacher's focus

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