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Power & Construction Group, Inc.

Street Lighting Options

Heather King

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Power & Construction Group, Inc.

Street Lighting Options The Process Manager picks up the Work Order Lighting Technician is assigned RG&E / LL&P Liaison receives calls from RG&E representatives and customers Liaison gives Work Order to Lighting Technician Liaison gives additional work to Lighting Technician throughout the day based on street and area light out reports. Lighting Technician determines nature of Work Order If it is a replace order ... If it is a repair order... Repair / Replace
Underground Customer Places Call to Customer Service Call Center Call Center Representative assigns a Notification number and enteres into SAP Work Center review all SAP items and creates Work Order Hard copy of Work Order is made and given to LL&P WORK ORDER RECEIVED Repairs and all approved capital work are completed Old fixture is removed and trouble request returned to Process Manger and back to Liaison for replacement approval. Liaison forwards internally for review and approval. Sends and receives new material Work Order Lighting Technician completes and submits work unit sheets to Process Manager Process Manager Reviews and sends to Billing Department Billing Department completes and sends invoices weekly. Order Process Expanding the Process Process Improvements LL&P responsible for all repairs from bulb back to primary Allow LL&P access or interface to SAP Feed Work Order directly from Customer Service Center to both RG&E and LL&P simultaneouly Identify lights out before customer complaints Replace old technology with LED's for power conservation and "green effort" Performance Standards Performance Monitoring Support corporate goals and objectives Engineer performance standards into the process Consistent with NY Public Service Commission Requirements Build monitoring into the process Track order from call receipt to lights on Process will produce data that facilitates performance analysis Q/A becomes part of the reporting and repair process Impact Operational Impact Customer Impact Financial Impact Reduction in staff size More precise data Green Better Service Lights on sooner Perceive Utility as more responsive Lancaster
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