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Bailey Schuldt

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

WASTED Marya Hornbecher is a journalist as well as a writer of fiction and memoir. Her first novel, The Center of Winter, was published in 2005. She started college at the age of 16 and she attended the university of Minnesota. While attending the U of MN she majored in philosophy. She has had twelve moves through out her life but she currently lives in Minneapolis. Written by Marya Hornbacher Copyright 1998
Publisher - HarperCollins In this book, the main character, Marya, was a little girl while her mother and father were going through hard times. Her mother was basically anorexic and her father was an alcoholic chain smoker even though his wife shamed him for it. By: Bailey Schuldt
Maria Wood
Leah Beck
Hunter Ellis Marya Hornbacher is experienced with the hardships of bulimia at the young age of around 8 or 9. At first, it was just a simple case of binge once a week, then throw it all up. This was started by both her parents, as each one represented a different type of eating disorder, her dad the eater, and her mom the starver. Her body matured at a pace faster than other children, so she started to feel like she stuck out, as if her body was the enemy, how she needed to be thin, and have no areas sticking out. She felt as if she had a hole in her from a young age, and since her parents equated food with love, she did the same thing. In the story, Marya details childhood and personality factors that may have had a role in the development of her disorder. She also writes about the progression of her bulimia and her transition to anorexia. Marya describes her plummet to her lowest point in her struggle with anorexia, a time when she is eating almost nothing and weighs only 52 pounds. Finally, Marya describes the circumstances that finally convince her to check herself into a hospital for treatment. It was that simple . . .So begins Marya Hornbacher's heart-wrenching account of her through-the-looking-glass love affair with hunger, drugs, sex, and death. "I look back on my life," she writes, "the way one watches a badly scripted action flick, sitting at the edge of the seat, bursting out, 'No, no, don't open that door!'" But open that door she does; and we follow her through, into a wonderfully scripted, alarming, all-American story. At the age of five, precociously intelligent and imaginative, Marya returned from a ballet class convinced that she was fat. By age nine she was secretly bulimic. When she was fifteen she pledged allegiance to anorexia, taking great pride in her capacity for self-starvation. Wasted is based in Minnesota in the '80s. It details her from when she is a young girl up to when she receives treatment for her illness. *Publisher of this book is HarperCollins Publishers

*Published in 1998 People say this book is really raw, and was one of the best that they ever seen to first hand accounts of people that suffer from disordered eating. Jennifer
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