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Priscilla Garcia

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of ARCHETYPES: BIG HERO 6

What are archetypes?
The Hero
The main character Hiro Hamada is a 14-year-old robotics prodigy. After the death of his brother, he is determined to find the murderer and to take revenge on him. Hiro goes through a transition from boy to man during the movie. He is the hero.
The Sidekicks
Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6
Archetypes are an original model on which something is patterned.
Archetypes are modeled in many fairy tales we read.
There is almost always a bad guy and a hero. There is usually someone in trouble and a person who tends to lend help by giving some wise advise.
We also notice that most heroes or heroines have sidekicks that also lend a helping hand. Let's examine Big Hero 6 to look at archetypes more closely.
Let's watch the trailer first to get our minds ready to discuss.
Big Hero 6 is a Disney superhero animation movie released in 2014. It is a typical hero story. This can be be explained by the characters who
follow the archetypes.
Let's examine each Archetype.
Hiro has four companions, namely Fred (the funny guy), GoGo (an athletic girl), Wasabi (a well-built guy), Honey Lemon (the girl who is good at chemistry), who all serve to help the hero learn valuable lessons. Fred also embodies the trickster archetype, that he always create chaos.
The Villain
Professor Robert Callaghan, the head of a robotics program at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and Tadashi’s professor and mentor, is the villain of the movie. He is the one who Hiro believed is responsible for his brother’s death.
The Wise Advisor/Guardian
There are two guardians or advisors for the hero in ‘Big Hero 6’. They are Tadashi Hamada, the brother and Baymax, the inflated robot built by Tadashi to serve as a healthcare companion. When confronted with Professor Callaghan for the first time, Hiro was so mad that he just wanted to get rid of the villain. Baymax is the one who reminded Hiro that his brother would not want to see him hurting anyone for revenge.
Hiro finally decided to give up on revenge and help save Professor Callaghan’s daughter. Baymax accompanies him into a dangerous zone. They were about to save the girl but they couldn’t find a way to escape from the dangerous zone. Hiro has to see Baymax sacrificing in order to get the girl and him back to real world. That's how Baymax serve as the guardian archetype.
When does Hiro become a HERO?
The Guardians at Work!
Let's Meet the Sidekicks!!!
Baymax' Sacrifice
And they all lived "HAPPILY EVER AFTER..."
When Hiro decided to let go of his determination of revenge, which he believed his brother would not be happy to see, he decided to save his enemy’s daughter. He was ready to face the world and free from fear of death.
A Heroic Story
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