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EDUC 506 - Learning Plan

No description

Mirine Kim

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of EDUC 506 - Learning Plan

Suggestions? Thank you for listening! Mirine Kim
EDUC 506
Learning Plan American English vs British English vs Korean English Learning Plan Context South Korea
Middle school 3rd grade (9th grade in America)
35-40 students (all boys or all girls)
45 minutes
Week 12, 2 class sessions
Curriculum Unit: Grade 9, English, Culture Unit Setting Learning Plan Context Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation Standards 잉글리쉬 한글 Learning Plan Context By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: Learning Objectives Learning Plan Context Learning Theories Learning Plan Context Special needs: autistic students.
Advanced students Learning Accommodations Resource Accommodations Low Tech Resource Accommodations Mid Tech Resource Accommodations High Tech Students will listen to and read the instructions given to them.
follow along on a worksheet, writing as they learn new terms.
listen and talk to each other about the different English.
collaborate on skit or PowerPoint presentation.
connect English learned in class to English learned outside of the classroom. Content-based Literacy Skills Performance
Collective Intelligence
Negotiation New Media Literacy Skills Learning Plan Procedures Phase 1: Motivation Activity Learning Plan Procedures Phase 2: Teacher Driven Activity Learning Plan Procedures Phase 3: Learner Driven Activity Learning Plan Procedures Phase 4: Culmination Learning Plan Procedures Phase 5: Extension Motivation activity: Review
Output activity: group discussion and presentations
Input activity: class discussion of presentations
Culmination: differences of American, British, and Korean English Day 2 Learning Plan Analysis Learning Plan Analysis Learning Materials flat? apartment? ah-pa-tuh? English! Konglish!
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