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IOS Meredon

IOS Meredon, the software-solution for the Aviation Industry. Maybe the best idea since the invention of jet engines! *www.iosmeredon.com

IOS Meredon

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of IOS Meredon

Much more efficient and safer. Imagine Your airport... Check-in handling up to 150 passengers per desk/hour Reducing 30-50% of check-in desks Boarding reaching 112-225 passengers in 15 minutes All the necessary
back-office “paperwork” generated real-time Cost-effective It’s smooth, smart, fast. Much more efficient and safer. It works. Security and Boarding benefits Extra benefits Check-in benefits All IOS Check-in desks handles all flights from all airliners at the same time. Even exotic airlines are handled with IOS and without extra cost. At checking in, IOS gives for every reservation seat(s) suggestion(s). This speeds-up the check in procedure to 120-150 pax per desk/hour. Intuitive multi-pax check-in tool (for large reservations). All the necessary back-office “paperwork” is generated real-time (Loadsheet calculations, PAX-manifest, Passengers list etc.) All SSIM messaging is handled automatic and is sent by SITA (Type-X) to next parties. It will be a breeze to accept very late arrived passengers due to this approach. Very easy to change seats, add/del luggage, invoice overweight, ancillary service to Airliners, etc. Security and boarding procedure can be used as stand-alone tool or in combination with IOS MEREDON Check-in. No physical check of the passport/ID by security staff is no longer needed. The passport RFID chip is read and stored in IOS. Invalid or faked passports are not accepted. Only at the boarding gate one/two staff members board the passengers by scanning the BC or 2-D code. By scanning the BC the stored picture is be showed full size on the monitor. This enables to make it an unlikely speed of 112-225 passengers in 15 minutes. Very fast and one of the most solid security solutions we know Full web-based technology (light-weight). Maintenance and updates are done 100% remote. Ground staff can be trained on the spot, so this takes no more than one hour if familiar with the Aviation Industry. IOS will be offered for a competative pricing model (75% of the current cost price). IOS is twice as fast so less employees will be necessary. No hidden cost, no long time contracts requested. A test procedure for IOS Meredon check system will be offer Free of Charge for a test period of 2- 3 months to a specific amount of desks. Success story All flights at Groningen Airport Eelde (www.gae.nl) are handled by IOS Meredon. It is fully operational from April 2012 winning the competition from RESIBER (Iberia) and CODECO (KLM/Air france). IOS Meredon it works.
Andre van Amerongen
avanamerongen@iosmeredon.com www.iosmeredon.com Loreta Malinauskienė
lmalinauskiene@iosmeredon.com Automatic seating by real-time load&balance calculation to reduce trim and fuel consumption. IOS Meredon - the software-solution for the Aviation Industry. Developed from scratch as Airliner-Solution to kill overhead by use of open-source software to be as reliable, fast and cost-effective as possible.
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