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Art Rage in the classroom

No description

Mark Daren

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Art Rage in the classroom

Art Rage in the classroom
Benefiting SEN children?
Not a sufficient replacement for art resources, although its main function is as an art tool.
Interactive, and the work can easily be accessed online by the wider community.
Difficult for younger children, or those with motor skill issues.
Requires a lot of ICT resources.

What is Art Rage?
Art Rage is a drawing/painting programme that can be operated with a mouse, or a graphics pen and tablet.

The pen's location over the tablet is tracked when lifted, and 'double click' is a press of the pen.

EYFS/KS1 Literacy : Children can practice their letter formation

EYFS /KS1 Maths: Can practice the formation of numbers, repeated patterns etc.

Science: Drawing apparatus, experiments, circuits, etc.

ICT: Improving a child's knowledge of ICT technology and software

Improving children's fine motor skills and pencil grip
Expression- for those children who cannot orally express themselves.
EBD- can help to improve relations between child and parent.
ASD- feels slightly scratchy and does not line up where you expect thus could be bad for hypersensitivity and increase anxiety.
Fine motor skills- definitely an issue
Other forms- more of an art tool rather than any other intervention tool.
Can be damaged fairly easily
Mainly used as an Art tool. The application enables children to work with different paper materials, and different drawing/painting materials.

Children are able to express themselves creatively, choosing their own colours and tools for their pictures.
Overall not the best tool. Here is our argument...
Here is something we quickly knocked up:
The user selects between pen / brush / crayon / spray etc., and with any colour, can then begin...
A useful short cut is Ctrl Z which deletes the last action
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