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Ph Scale project

No description

Natalie Duran

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Ph Scale project

pH Scale project
My lucky number, 9!
What has a level of 8?
Eggs! Eggs are a weak base

FYI, they're a good source of protein. I sometimes eat some for breakfast when I have time.
What is part of level 6?
Milk! Milk has a balance of 6.6....6. Just kidding. Just 6.6.
Level 7!
Water has a pH balance of 7, which is neither base nor acid. So therefore, it is neutral.
I drink water everyday to stay hydrated. Duh.
What has a pH balance of 5?
A semi-weak acid. I love coffee. And no, not just Starbucks. I drink some every morning.
I am number 4
Wine has a pH balance of 4. Not too strong, not too weak.
What's behind door3?
Apples have a pH balance of 3. A medium ranked acid.
2 is safer than 1, but not too much
What has a pH balance of 0?
Battery Acid! Technically it has 0.8, but it's still very dangerous.
1 is the loneliest number!
HCl has a balance of 1, but can sometimes have 2 or 3. It's very strong acid.
10, double digits!
Hand soap has a pH balance of 10.5 . A semi-strong base.
pH of 11?
A hair straightener has a pH of 11
pH 13
Bleach has a pH of 13
14 is a strong one!
Liquid drain cleaner has a pH of 14. It is used at home to clean.
Weak acid/bases
are only partially ironized in their solutions
pH scale
is a scale of measure of hydrogen ion concentration; a measure of acidity or alkalinity
is a hydrated hydrogen ion
- Hydroxide
produce H+ ions
- Relating to a solution or compound that is neither scidic or alkaline
is an aqueous solution that has a pH level higher than 7. AKA... Basic.
Litmus paper
- pH indicator paper
- Substance that undergoes distinct observable when conditions in its solution change
Strong acids/bases
are completely ionized when dissolved in water
is simply referred as "table salt" (sodium chloride) usually applied to an ionic compound produced by reacting acids and bases.
I use batteries for my headphones and tv remotes. Leave a battery in a remote long enough, and you'll see it. And it's corrosive, so don't touch it.
DO NOT touch!
Used when cleaning metal!
Lemon juice is a perfect example. Cuts... stay away. It's strong!
I use this to make lemon drinks
I eat about two to three apples everyday because they're my favorite.
Wine is yummy with formal foods.
I drink a glass of milk every night whether it's chocolate or alone.
Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate), has a pH balance of 9. It is a weak base.
It is used for cleaning and for baking
I use hand soap multiple times each day wen i wash my hands. An you should too...
For example, if your hair is curly or wavy, an alkaline will straighten it.
I use this thing every day because I hate my natural hair
I use bleach to whiten my clothes in the laundry It ruins colored clothes.
Beach is considered basic. It's a very strong base.
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