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Present Perfect (Simple & Continuous)

No description

Fernanda Moraes

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Present Perfect (Simple & Continuous)

The end!
Homework: Workbook: Pages 18 and 19

Interesting links:
www.ego4u.com (search: Present Perfect Simple / Present Perfect Continuous)

This presentation: http://prezi.com/kmwemegbkrpq
Present Perfect Simple
To talk about :
1) actions that happened in the PAST, but I don't know when.
has lost
her keys.

to Australia.
2) actions that have just finished.
Junia and Maria Fernanda

the door.
3) actions that started in the past and continue in the present.
has studied
at CSA since 2010.
4) achievements and experiences
has travelled
to many countries
has won
the 'Best Player' award.

Present Perfect Simple

I / you / we / they + have + past participle (3rd column)
I have spoken. I have not spoken. Have I spoken?

he / she / it + has + past particple (3rd column)
He has spoken. He has not spoken. Has he spoken?

Important words:
already, ever, just, never, not yet, so far, till now, up to now
Open your books!

Present Perfect Continuous
To talk about:
1) actions that started in the past and are IN PROGRESS in the present
has been studying
English for hours.
2) recently finished actions that influenced the present.
My eyes hurt because I
have been working
on the computer for hours.
3) the duration of an action.
has been writing
a text for 2 hours.
Present Perfect Continuous

I / you / we / they + have + verb-ing
I have been speaking. I have not been speaking. Have I been speaking?

he / she / it + has + verb-ing

He has been speaking. He has not been speaking. Has he been speaking?

Present Perfect (Simple & Continuous)
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