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Explosives used in the military

hi mom

D'Antre Phillips

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Explosives used in the military

Explosives used in the military Mechanical Explosions Chemical Explosives Low-Order Explosives Black Powder Guncotton High-Order Explosive EC Powder Dynamite TNT Nuclear Explosive Atomic Bomb Thermonuclear Bomb Mechanical explosions occur due to physical reactions such as overheating a whole potato in the microwave oven Chemical explosions occur in substances that burn extremely rapidly Most modern low-order explosives
are used as propellants Black powder was the first known
explosive and it continued to be the
main explosive material until the late
1800s Gun cotton began to replace
black powder during the 1860s Smokeless powder was the first reliable and stable gunpowder High-order explosive are used in different form and they are the most common explosives EC Powder is used for fragmation charges in gernades Dynamite was used in the
military for blasting. They
tired to make it a propellant
but it was to powerful TNT became a popular explosive
during WWI then became the main
explosive during WWII. It is very stable and can be stored for a long time. Nuclear explosives are the most powerful explosives. Atomic Bombs are very powerful bombs They release a great amount of thermal energy and gamma rays. Thermonuclear bombs operate on energy released from a fusion reaction. A thermonuclear explosion occur in several stages Smokeless powder Chemical Combustion of C4 C H N O 4 8 8 8 2C3H6N6O6+302-6H2O+6CO2+6N2
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