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College Informal Interviews

No description

Connor Larkin

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of College Informal Interviews

By Connor Larkin Informal College Interviews Griffen Attends Rennsaler Polytech Institute in Troy, New York Katarina Ann Bauer is a student at Old Dominion University in Virginia Bill Wood Has attended Xavier University, University of Colorado, The Ohio State University, and Columbus State. Majored in Engineering, Teaching, and when retired photography. He did not feel prepared and had to receive help from a fraternity. Was prepared for college after attending Coffman High School Surprises about College Bill- When he first arrived they were giving a campus tour and went over to Cincinnati where they went over to the red light district; that really surprised him. Kat- Knowing that she wanted to do crew in college she called their college and the coach wanted her and got her a full scholarship. Disappointments about College Bill- Was disappointed because he wanted to continue at OSU but decided that Columbus State had a much better photography program. Kat- That rowing for college takes a lot more time then in high school with two practices a day one from 4-6a.m. and 6-8p.m. Greatest Challenges Bill- Letting people help him he explained was hard. He liked being independent but if he continued with how things were going he could have failed out. Kat- She thought that making new friends was going to be hard as she would not know anyone at Old Dominion but all was o.k. with allowing to contact her roommate beforehand, got to practice and be with her team before it actually started, and within the first couple of days she met a lot of people. Advice to Someone Planning to go to College Bill- After failing out of his classes he got help with his fraternity who helped tutor him and helped shape him to who he is today Kat- you can get a lot of scholarships and people will help you, you just have to ask people like with her coach who helped in getting her a full ride. Kat's plan for a career and how she will get started. Kat wants to get into special education and wants to help kids in the pre-elementary to elementary level. Bills Journey to his current Career Bill is now retired and plays a lot of golf and shoots a lot of photographs on his own. His last job was being owner of a jewelry store/provider called gold promotions. It was successful from skills he learned in college dealing with business and the right opportunitys like owning a restaurant beforehand.
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