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Ecosystem services and sustainable tourism... understanding

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norma fressel

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Ecosystem services and sustainable tourism... understanding

better management of natural resources
How much are cultural services worth?
Biodiversity and ecosystem services are essential for the development of the society...

Indeed, they take part in many sectors, contribute to economic development and have an important social value.
What is the value?

understanding the value of the cultural service of Vrana lake Nature park in Croatia

decrease of pressure on biodiversity and ecosystem services
preservation of biodiversity and services
ecosystem services and biodiversity valuation
more efficient cost-effective management
enhancement of activities in other sectors ( sustainable tourism) in the interest of local population
Ecosystem services are the benefits people obtain from ecosystems.
These services can be classified in four kinds [Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005]:

(ex: food, water, timber, fiber)

(ex: regulation of climate, floods, disease, wastes, and water quality)

(ex: recreation, aesthetic enjoyment, and spiritual fulfillment, tourism)

(ex: soil formation, photosynthesis, and nutrient cycling)

The World Tourism Organization assessed the increase of ecotourism spending to be 20% per year [UNEP, 2001].
Thus, biodiversity and ecosystem services have a biological and social importance, but they also have a role to play within the economic development of a country.

questionairre - on line/in person printed version
broad distribution
The willingness to pay (WTP) is the maximum amount someone is ready to pay to have access to a higher quantity of a given good.
According to economical theory, the value of the studied good is the sum of people’s WTP for this good (if there is no bias).
Finally, a total of 300 answers could be used for the analysis.
21-40 years old
51 - 60 years old
61,5 %
3000 - 4999 HRK (400 – 650€)
5000 and 6999 HRK (660 – 920€).
WTP depends upon...age, level of education, country, income, online or inperson interview
The population (222 011 inhabitants) assessed the cultural services provided by the lake :
9 822 000 HRK - 15 083 000 HRK
(1 290 000 - 1 980 000 €).
If we consider only the positive WTP, the mean value is about 72 HRK (about 9€).
the functioning of the Park costs:
1 805 000 HRK/year for employment (236 979€/year),
953 500 HRK for investments and research (125 185€), 765 300 HRK for other expenses such as fees, taxes and administrative costs (100 477€).
3 523 800 HRK (462 641 €)
3 523 800/year
9 822 000- 15 083000
The aim is ...
using this economic valuation as a tool to inform policy makers and help them to adopt sustainable policies in this area.
gathering quality information for future communication and development strategies
understanding a general value of the cultural services and details on recreational, touristic and water quality values,
about sustaining or increasing the value of ecosystem services

designing cost effective management with investing in sustainable tourism

(from the thesys: Schoumacher C. 2013: Recognizing and mainstreaming natural capital, biodiversity and ecosystem services into policies within the Pan-European region, UNEP_Vrana lake Nature park was a case study for economic valuation of ecosystem services, especially non market values - cultural services/tourism)
thank you for your attention
Ecosystem services and sustainable tourism...
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