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American PitBull Terrier

No description

Braxton Ayers

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of American PitBull Terrier

An American pitbull terrier would be an amazing family dog to have.
Where they came from.
American pitbull terriers came from england in the 1800's and became farm dogs. Later as the years past they became family dogs.Before They were called american pitbull terriers they were called nanny dogs.
Here is some usefulness. One of their usefulness is chasing. They like to chase people around. Another usefulness is sleeping. They run around alot and some of them are tired and some just like to sleep. Here is one more usefulness it is playful. amirican pit bull terriers are really playful and they hate to fight other dogs so don't train them to fight or attack people. One last usefulness is commands. If you tell them there commands they listen and if you tell them to sit,play, and lay down they will. There last usefulness is to make people happy. They like to lick people and make them happy also they want to make you play with them to make them happy.
Amirican pitbull terriers have lots of traits. One of these traits is loyatly. If you tell them a command they will listen to their command like if you tell them to sit they will. Another trait is loving. If you are sad they will try there hardest to make you happy. Here is another trait it is genuis. American pit bull terriers are really smart dogs and know all there commands if you tell them one they will listen. Here is there last trait it is sleepy. If you leave them alone they will sleep and snore. If you are sleeping they will either lay on or by you.
Do not leave them home alone they will be sad so get another one so they have compony and when you go somewhere and get back let them outside to go to the bathroom.
American pitbull Terrier
American pit
bulls are so
The end
Thank you for listening to my reasons of why to get an american pit bull terrier.
Here is how to take care of american pitbull terriers. You shold take them on 30-45 min walks every other day. They have sensitive skin so you should wash or bathe them. You should show them that you love them to make them happy and get kisses on the check. You should train them so they know there tricks for when there older dogs.
1.amerrican pit bulls and bulldogs have the same ansisters.
2.Snoop Dog loves american pitbulls.
3.Pit Bulls are the most famous in United States along with some other countries like Australia .They are the 79th most registered dog breed by American Kennel Club.
american pitbulls are cute!!!
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