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Protect Net Neutrality
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My awesomest presentation ever!!!! potatoe

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funto arowobusoye

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of My awesomest presentation ever!!!! potatoe

I avoided bias by.... On a scale of 1-10 how much do you appreciate law enforcement? what qualities do you think police officers should have? Have you or anyone you know ever encountered a situation where you felt wronged by a police officer? Traffic Crime Security neutral integrity Respect ethics critical thinking, knowledge, bravery, good communication, unbiased,honest...etc Moral principles that govern a person`s or group`s behavior stating my questions as clearly and straight forward as i could not imposing any of my beliefs in the question i hypothesized that less than 50% of the people I surveyed would think that police abuse their power. 89% 11% how often do you think police abuse their power? 45% 36% 15% 4% What kind of actions do you think should be taken in order to control police officers? "Training & retraining of officers/Disciplinary actions"
"If you think an officer is mistreating an individual, I believe we as citizens should report this to a police station or government official. We are equal no matter what your position in society is." "Better judgement in hiring/change up the pairs more often/hidden cameras in cars to help watch what is taking place." "There should be regular checks on the activities a police officer performs" "The punishment should be the same as it is for citizens who commit similar crimes The general public doesn't hate the popo as much as I do
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