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Sports Development Initiatives

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Natalie Elsey

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Sports Development Initiatives

FA Tesco skill programme

Below is a video showing how young children can be involved with football. Providers

The FA Tesco skill programme provides
an after school football coaching, holiday football coaching, they also offer support to the local charter standard football clubs. They also work in primary schools across the country so they can gain progression. Holiday Football Coaching

The FA put on an holiday fooball coaching club for children that want to develop their football ability and to have fun in the holidays, this will keep them active and focused on something. They provide free football coaching and this is put on every school holiday apart from christmas time. After School and Holiday Football Coaching

The after school skill centres are football courses for boys and girls, these are put on weekly because they want them to imporve on their football skills outside of school.
skill centres are availed for children that want to improve on their skill level and want to devlop their ability in football, the FA also want to make sure kids have fun and that they enjoy it.
The centre provide for all abilities, they want to give everyone the opportunity to become better and learn new skills so they develop more. Skills football session resources

Tesco skills football coaches put on sessions that fall in line with the FA 4 corner coaching model and the future game grassroots manual. The FA coaches can provide the football club with different range of session plans that meet everyone's needs, this is so that people can reach their goals. Skills in Charter Standard Clubs

The FA Tesco Skills offers coaching and support to Charter Standard football clubs, so they can help develop club coaches and players.
The FA provide this for people so theye can learn on their skills, they put on one-to-one sessions so they can give more support to them so they can make progress. School Coaching

The FA Tesco Skills provides specialist football coaching in primary schools, they plan and delivers sessions what will develop primary school children at different levels and give them the support they need.
The FA try to make the games as fun as possible and they play simple games during school sessions. The skill coaches will work in primary schools one day per week for the duration of a full half term, the school coaching doesnt cost the children anything it is a free school focusing on learning new skills and developing better. Areas of work involved

The FA Tesco Unit 6 Sports Development Initiatives FA Mars just play

Just play is a national initiative between the FA and Mars, their aim is to encourage more adults to get involved with fooball. They encourage people from 16 years and onwards who arent engaged in football, they want people to take part in football when they can and where they can like in parks, leisure centres or other venues.

The video below is encouraging people to get involved, play football and to meet new people. About Just Play Providers

The FA mars just play put provide sessions o get more people involved. They provide enjoyable sessions and at the session they provide people with things such as kit which is branded clothing, they provide equipment for example footballs, bibs, cones and goals. They provide training guides to help people improve and they give their support. FA just play is a national initiative that has the aim to get adults to play football. The FA Mars Just Play is in partnership with Mars and The FA, the partnership has the aim to get 150, 000 new participants playing football for at least 30 minutes a week to get them involved by september 2013. They put on extra hours throughout the year so people can become more involved when they can or want to. Just play want to deliver a good service to all of the communitities, they do this to ensure that the programme is accessible. sports centre
Mars Just Play give people the opportunity to attend sports centres for free to play football,
this is to get more people involved and to get young adults off the street or to get out of the house to do something to keep achive.

college / university
They visit places like this because the pupils are at the age where they can get involved with Just Play and they can sign up. This could be good because it will take their mind of things and it will give them time to relax and get involved with something fun. Game areas

FA Mars Just play put on sessions in a relevant games area this is to ensure that everyone is in a safe environment and to make sure people can play football without getting hurt by being in the wrong environment. They also put on a community centre so young adults can take part in Just Play in their local community this will mean they dont have to travel far but can still take part in football, to get involved, learn skills and to meet new people. Five a side centre They proive five a side games this is because they out mini games on aswell as big games. Just play might put on these sessions because they want people to learn more skills and to focus on those people and their ability. FA Mars Just Play put on loads of different sessions what people can get involved with. Effectiveness of FA Mars Just Play Just play has been very effective this is because they had an aim to get 150, 000 new participants playing football but they achieved this and thousands more.

This scheme has been very successful as they have provided good football sessions for young people and plus. Its been free and this has helped people as its kept them participating in sport without having to worry about money cost. Effectiveness The effectiveness of FA tesco skill programme has been a success as they have helped young people to improve on their skills and to become better at football. The advantages of this scheme is that they attend primary schools 1 day a week so they can help young children out, they teach specific skills what are needed so children and improve and become better, FA tesco put on after school sessions so more people can be involved and they also put on sessions in the school holidays so it keeps them busy. This has been a good scheme as it has encouraged more young people to get involved and they have provided the support children might need to help them improve. compare and contrast The both of these schemes have in common is that they both revolve around football and they aim for people to achieve. Both of these schemes provide good skills and they focus on your skill level and what you are capable of, they will provide extra help when needed. Both of these put on sessions so that more people can be involved, meet new people and to gain more progression.
The difference between these two schemes is that Mars Just Play is a scheme for over 16's and FA tesco will in schools and teach young children. As FA tesco is based on little schools they put on school holiday sessions but Mars Just Play give out talks to colleges and older people to get them involved. The age is different as one scheme is for young people and one is for older people.
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