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Chill Building

No description

Mohamed Mzoughi

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Chill Building

Proposed by :
Franck Valentini
Jean Lainée
Melchior De Rivérieulx De Varax
Mohamed Mzoughi
Thomas Maltey
Why do we need a pub in Centrale ?
How to do it ?
A place to meet each other

Can be used for party

A place where you can relax at 18, after a long day of courses

Can be reserved by the administration when a partner company is invited in Centrale
An entire floor of the building will be reserved for the restaurant and the pub : people can eat and drink in the same place.

Creating a new association, Central Pub.
Students will be responsible of serving drinks.

Can be sponsored by big companies, such as Heineken, Absolut Vodka, or Château Mouton-Rothschild
What interest for Centrale ?
The Chill

School will be more attractive for a lot of French and foreign students, and also for teachers and researchers.

Better atmosphere during the courses : Students and teachers will both know that they would have a beer at the end of the course.
Having a bad day?
Need a nap in a hammock?
Under the sun of greece?
With the sound of waves in the background?
At least we got the hammock!
A part of the building would be used to create a rest room
Separated in two places :
- a place to sleep
- a place to chill
Why is it essential?
Place to take a nap between two classes
Place to chill
Centrale needs to be different
only a small cafeteria
high prices
only snacks
not convenient
the "RU" is too far and crowded
A restaurant in Centrale
for students, teachers, researchers,...
enough space
lower prices
real meal
next to the other facilities
convenient on a rush
balanced food
no queue
easy to take a nap, drink a beer, get some cash
On the campus, we use money to buy:
- Beverages
- Meals at the Cafeteria
- Tonus tickets
or even to give back the money you owe to someone.
What interest for the students ?
They can meet each other and talk with teachers in an informal way

The pub will offer lots of different kind of drinks, thus customers can discover new alcohol

You won't need to go to a spermarket before having a party.

Business Plan
Creation of a new building : too expensive

Reuse of an older building : building E.
It's a part of school administration ideas.
Thank you for your attention
The nearest ATM is 10 minutes away from the campus.
Most of the time, you can pay only with cash
Install a new ATM in the building.
Profitable with 5000 withdrawals per month
Surface area of 8sqm (m²)
Many banks offer this service, and they will be interested in a partnership with the ECN.
Lack of a place to meet and chill
a restaurant

No real interest to stay at Centrale
except for courses

How to make the Campus way more attractive for everyone
New building which will resolve the problem

- Restaurant
- Bar
- Nap room

No Cash Problem
No waste of time
Retain customers
Make customers consume more on the campus.
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