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Teen Stress

Our Google Science Fair Project involving teen stress.

Kelly McBratney

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Teen Stress

Teen Stress Science Fair Project By Kelly McBratney
Riley Stein
& Maddi Roberts Question Our What is the main cause of teen stress, and how can we help alleviate it? Hypothesis We think the main cause of teen stress is School work because every teenager has to deal with school on a daily basis while many people put pressure on them to get good grades. To help alleviate it, we think we should create extra help classes. Procedures Part 1 Part 11 Our survey... About Us We are students from McPherson Magnet School in Orange, CA There are certain things about science that we each love and are interested in. Rather than learning about chemical properties and plant life, we liked to learn about everyday life and problems that we face on a day-to-day basis. Recently we have been hearing a lot about teenagers becoming stressed which can lead to bigger problems like depression and suicide. we thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to investigate and learn more about stressed teens in our area. Research After reasearching, we discovered that the main causes for teen stress were... pressure for school arguing We also discovered that extreme cases of stress often result in suicide. Suicide attempts in teenagers have increased in the past years. In fact, it is the leading cause of death in teenagers. Our group consists of three eighth graders Of the people who attempt suicide, only a fraction of them succeed. About 5,000 teenagers a year kill themselves. According to a survey given to high school students, 27% of them have thought about committing suicide, while 8% of them actually tried. However, if people didn't have stress, then they would have no reason to commit suicide. Experiment Materials 203 self-created surveys 4 pens/pencils 203 participants Variables independent variable: The survey results of the teenagers (what causes them stress) dependent variable: The main cause and other top causes of stress in today’s generation of teenagers Data The Results We received a total of 203 completed surveys and 948 votes on main causes of teen stress. Depending on which number they put as their top causes of stress, they received a different amount of votes. We did this by counting their number one cause of stress with 3 votes, their second top cause as 2 votes, and their third top cause as 1 vote. Observations Conclusion Our hypothesis ended up being correct We thought that School would end up being the main cause of stress in teens. To improve our experiment we could survey more teenagers around our area, and in other areas. The top cause of stress, school, is what we expected, but some other causes surprised us with the amount of votes that they got. An example of this was the drugs/ alcohol category We would like to point out some things that could have gone wrong with our experiment. Our school is not exposed to many things such as drugs and alcohol. A major portion of our surveys came from our school, so this could have affected our results in some categories. Presentation A few short interviews Some past questions similar to ours are: * What does teen stress feel like?
* Why are teens stressed?
* How can we help alleviate stress?
* What causes stress in teens? Our question is different from other questions that have been asked and answered in the past. We narrowed our orginal question down to something that was more important to us, as well as something that nobody has yet to discover. We thought we should find out the main cause of teen stress and try to find something we could do about it. Work Cited We would like to thank everyone who helped us during our project Most of the people who helped us while we were carrying out our experiment were all the participants who were willing to take our survey Also the teachers who allowed us to take class time so that their students could take the survey Other people we would like to thank are our parents who drove us where we needed to be And a special thanks to our science teacher Mrs. Conrad who helped us to schedule our time more efficiently by creating a calendar that told us when we should get different parts of our project done. Without all of these people who helped us along the way, our project would not have been nearly as successful as it was We also used many websites during our project to help us get a better idea of what causes teen stress. Some of these sites were... http://www.stressfocus.com/stress_focus_article/teen-stress-causes.htm
http://kidshealth.org/teen/your_mind/emotions/stress.html While observing our survey results, we noticed that most teens' top cause of stress was school. Following up were parents and social life. We also noticed that most teenagers deal with stress by ignoring it or becoming reserved. Lastly, most of the kids who thought parents were stressful had divorced parents. While passing out surveys at the mall, we noticed a lot of people were with a group of their friends. At school, it took some people longer than others to decide what was most stressful for them. Rather than learning about chemical properties and plant life, we like to learn about everyday life and problems that we face on a day-to-day basis When we heard about the science fair, we thought it would be a perfect oppurtunity to explore teen stress in our area 1. Find out how many teenagers go to your school
2. Print that many surveys
3. Ask all the teachers if you can pass out the surveys
4. If agreed, pass them out
5. Tell the students what the survey is for and have them take it
6. Collect the surveys 1. Look online and find the most common reasons for teen stress
2. Create your own survey based on your research
3. Print however many copies you want to have filled out
4. Gather up a few pens
5. Go to the mall and hand out the surveys to all the teens you see
6. If they are willing to take the survey, hand them a survey and a pen
7. Collect the filled out surveys
8. Repeat steps 6-7 until all surveys are gone School Parents Siblings Social Life Relationships Looks/ Appearance Peer Pressure Bullying/ Bullies Financial Issues Crime Moving Drugs/ Alcohol teachers
tests can never seem to be as good as them
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