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Knee and other ultimate injury prevention

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CSA CP Éducation physique

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of Knee and other ultimate injury prevention

Presentation to help ultimate players of all levels avoid injuries
Prevention techniques for knee and other ultimate-related injuries
Who is Jean-Philippe Riopel?
The key to avoid injuries
Building Strength
What are the most common injuries in Ultimate that we can prevent by training?
Injuries in Ultimate
Different causes of these injuries :
How to keep your joints happy?
Self Myofascial Release and mobility
Glute Activation
Physical and technical preparation and training for ultimate players
Specifik Ultimate
Specifik Ultimate inspirations and references
Developing quality movement
One leg training : knee injury prevention
High school physical educator
Creator of Specifik Ultimate
Co-owner of the Montreal Royal
Ultimate player for 12 years (Royal, Mephisto, Odyssée)
Reducing the risk of injuries (better performance, longer career, more fun playing the game)
Improving the ­­­"on field" performance
Ultimate-specific strength and conditioning training
Ultimate-specific speed and agility training
Real game scenario and situations
Creating athletes for ultimate (physical and technical preparation)
Tim Morrill (Morrill Performance) :
Melissa Witmer (Melissa's Ultimate Fitness) :
The Foundation
MP Youtube Channel
Explosive Ultimate Presentation

F.U.T.U.R.E. 1.0
The Ultimate Athlete Handbook
The Ultimate Athlete Project
URCA Conference
Ren Caldwell (Ren Fitness) :
Ben Wiggins :
Rise Up
Raise Your Game
Kelly Starrett
Supple Leopard
YouTube Channel
Micheal Boyle
Eric Cressey
David Girard (Specifik Performance owner) :
Knee (torn ACL)
Shin Splints
Shoulder (rotator cuff injuries)
Ankle (sprain)
Muscle imbalance
Lack of progression (Body is not prepared for the volume of playing)
Lack of glutes recruitment
Lack of stabilization
Lack of mobility
Lack of strength
How to prevent these injuries?
Developing strength and power
Recovery (Self Myofascial Release and Mobility)
By taking care of your body
Glute activation (before and during)
Developing good movement
Running technique
Agility and quickness
Conditioning the movement
LAX ball
Foam roll
Mobility :
Kelly Starrett Mobility WOD
Tim Morrill : Hip Opening Vinyasa
We need to wake up these muscles!!
The glutes are our best engine
The glutes stabilize the knee
Athetes need their glutes
How to activate these muscles?
Split Squat Hold
Retro Walk
Donkey Kicks
Frisbee Slides
Mini band drills
Must be add to warmup routine for every games, practices and training
Doesn't require a lot of material
Doesn't take a lot of time
Improves performance
Reduces risk of injuries
Can be done during a game and at tournament
1. Running technique
Focus on good movement
Results : optimal force application
Arm Action
Full hip extension
Big steps
2. Agility and quickness
Deceleration (eccentric quick feet work)
Change of direction :
Pushing from the inside of the foot (jab step, marking, shuffles, etc.)
Pushing from the outside of the foot (crossovers, cutting, defensive unders, etc.)
Agility Ladders and other drills with a disc
3. Conditioning the movement
A lot of changes of direction when fatigued (you can add disc)
T Test (single and double)
Serpentine variations
10 Cut Agility Drill
Rhiet test
Unilateral training (on 1 leg) ... challenge the knee
Planned progression (Ask a professional)
Joints stabilization (working on unstable platforms)
Example of a 1 Leg training progression
1. Split Squat Hold
2. Split Squat
3. RFE Split Squat
4. One Leg Squat
5. Skater Squat
Load the Glutes
Exemple of a glute training progression
1. Yoga Table
2. Shoulder Elevated Hip Lift
3. Foot Elevated Hip Lift
4. Cross body SLDL
5. Cable cross body SLDL
Before doing plyos, learn how to stick
Jump and Stick
Hop and Stick
Working on triple extension
To run
To jump
To get big first step
Get stronger and add weight to your explosive movement
Kettlebell Swing
DB Snatch
Hang Power Clean
Load the glutes : knee and hamstring injury prevention
Training on unstable platforms and environments : knee, ankle and shoulder injury prevention
Plyo/Stick Progression : knee and hamstring injury prevention
MSR and Mobility : shin splints, ankle and shoulder injury prevention
- Hamstrings (pulled)
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