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The September 11th Attacks

No description

Virginia Qian

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of The September 11th Attacks

Power Standard 9 (Grade 8)
Understands reasons based on evidence for a position about events in U.S. history Evaluates efforts to reduce discrepancies between democratic ideals and reality in the United States. Power Standard 2 (Grade 7) http://mitchellarchives.com/911-the-attack-on-the-twin-towers-and-pentagon.htmhttp://www.911memorial.org/sites/all/files/Osama%20bin%20Laden%27s%201998%20Fatwa%20declaring%20war%20against%20the%20West%20and%20Israel.pdf

http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/magazine/whatwerethecausesof911/ Bibliography September 11 Attacks By Sneha Durairaj,
Deepthi Mohanraj,
Virginia Qian Power Standard 7 (Grade 8)
Analyzes and interprets historical materials from a variety of perspectives in U.S. history (1877- present) America Al Qaeda Osama bin Laden’s Declaration of Jihad
against Americans -1996 America Analyzes maps and charts from a specific or event to make a historical interpretation Power Standard 6 (Grade 7) Power Standard 9 (Grade 8)
Understands reasons based on evidence for a position about events in U.S. history Central Question: What were the causes and intentions of the September 11 attacks?
Research Questions: What was the context? What did America do to be targeted by the terrorists? What would Al Qaeda achieve through attacking the World Trade Center and other public buildings?
Americas help Jews take back Jerusalem from Muslims
Angry that US had troops in Israel's capitol
Al Qaeda had long standing hatred for America
Bin Laden said the Muslims felt oppressed Creates and uses research questions that are tied to an essential question to focus inquiry on social studies issues and historical events. Power Standard 9 (Grade 7) Al Qaeda Found they were dealing with a serious threat
stayed in peninsula longer to fend for themselves and brothers
Also took this as a chance to appear stronger Taking the first big step by declaring war
Wants to show that they can make a stand and are coming to fight
"It is no secret to you, my brothers, that the people of Islam have been afflicted with oppression, hostility,and injustice by the Judeo-Christian alliance and its supporters. This shows our enemies’ belief that Muslims’ blood is the cheapest and that the property and wealth is merely loot." Osama Bin Laden 1998 Fatwa Took a stand and wanted to seem as strong
Used this as a chance to take revenge
Made it clear that every American and Jew is wanted to be killed
Said as if meaning that it is sentence Took it as a threat
Believed that whenever someone dies it shouldn't be celebrated
Knew that Bin Laden must be watched and security improved Primary Sources Al Qaeda Positions Taken America Basic Events After WW2 the Muslims were driven out of Israel because of the Jewish settlement, the US helped the Jews. This started the hatred and some
Muslims thought that Jews and Christians were fighting against them.
Eventually to keep the government strong they had to work with the US which angered many idealists and fundamentalists forming a group called Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda became popular and many people that supported the cause
Started to mastermind small bombings
At the time Afganistan was communist and the government was falling, so the Soviet Union supported them.
The US was afraid that Afganistan wil become a powerful communist county and so they helped the Afghan-muslims overthrow the government.
They declared Jihad over the Afghan government. They fought against Soviet, who after defeat left the country.
Al Qaeda central command moved over to Afghanistan, openly declare jihad over US and its allies Palestine's felt betrayed
Wanted to get revenge
Slowly spread so they get world support and a lot of people can go against United States. Found they were doing what was right, by helping Jewish
They were just fending for themselves, didn't feel they were making others angry Example: One democratic ideal is Individual Rights. One of the reasons for the 9/11 attack was that Al Qaeda believed that followers of Islam did not have any individual rights in America. A few of the suicide pilots lived in the West for years, and the West is where they became more "radical" responding to perceived alienation and discrimination. The 9/11 attack itself was an effort to reduce discrepancies between ideals and reality in the US. SSPs: Political, Sociological, Psychological SSP: Geographical SSPs: Political, Cultural, Psychological
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