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Alan Turing: The Father of Theoretical Computer Science

A little Prezi about Alan Turing and his significance to history and today.

Meili Zhen

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Alan Turing: The Father of Theoretical Computer Science

Who is Alan Turing & why is he so
Alan Turing's contributions are important because he helped shorten the length of World War II by approximately 2 years, saving about 14 million people; not to mention that without his brilliant mind, we may have no computers today. (He wrote a paper about the idea of a computer: a machine that can compute faster than humans at any given time!)
What did Turing do exactly to
shorten the length of WWII?
With a group of extremely intelligent people, they cracked the German's "secret" typewriter called
. By cracking the code, they intercepted many cryptic messages, saving many lives and a lot of time; not to mention causing the Allies to win the war.
But why is he called the
Father of Computer Science?
During his years at Cambridge University, he wrote a paper titled,
"On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem".
In this paper, he described a machine that could solve any mathematical computation if it were representable by an algorithm (formula); these machines became known as "Turing Machines".
Alan Turing: The Father of Theoretical
Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence

Alan Mathison Turing
DOB: June 23rd, 1912
DOD: June 7th, 1954
Nationality: British

Codebreaker (2011)
The Imitation Game (2014)
Presentation Review based on:
It was a very tedious, frustrating, and time consuming task with lots of pressure. Decrypting the code the German's used took forever even with complex math because the configurations/settings on the
changed often in case someone eventually finds the algorithm for that ONE setting type. There were approximately over 159 million MILLION possibilities for the settings. Imagine how much complex math that took to figure out!
and a bit of the Alan Turing
Wikipedia page...
While working on decoding the Enigma, Turing figured that building a machine to figure out the settings was most reasonable and efficient. He theorized that this machine could come up with the pattern used in configuring the German machine within minutes or so compared to weeks when a human would attempt figuring it out. This machine became known as "The Bombe", named after
bomba kryptologiczna
(because the Polish were actually the first to decode the Enigma).
Alan Turing is a name you should all be familiar with after this presentation!
The end
Some facts:
he loved to run; had a personal marathon time of 2:46:03
was very honest and straightforward to the point of being naive almost
he was homosexual (which was very serious back then)
grew a fondness over biology (like plants) after the war, came up with a formula for why spots/stripes/number of petals/leaves come to be
was a loner in elementary school
had one friend in elementary named Christopher Morcom (who he was really close with)
proposed to Joan Clarke (one of the mathematicians in the group of decoders during the war) then later called the engagement off because he was homosexual (she was "unfazed" upon hearing this news
met a man he had a "thing" with named Arnold Murray (who lead to his demise)
Arnold let a man he was "thinging" himself with into Turing's home to rob
Police became concerned, find out he is a homosexual and convicts him of "gross indecency"
Turing chose chemical castration over 2 years of prison
committed suicide (cyanide poisoning, people suspect he ate an apple with the poison inside)
In 2009, the British government apologized to Turing for the way he was treated because he was a homosexual
In 2012, Queen Elizabeth II pardoned Turing (Stephen Hawking and many others proposed for it)
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