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Activity 3.2.1 Fluid Power Application

No description

Dennis Bao

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Activity 3.2.1 Fluid Power Application

Title Page
Team Members: Dennis Bao and Joe Siddy
Course Title: Principles of Engineering
School: Edina High School
April 15, 2013 Activity 3.2.1 Fluid Power Application Device Description The Jaws of Life are a trademarked name (Hurst Jaws of Life®) that
is often used to describe a set of tools containing a cutter, a spreader, and a ram. These tools are used by emergency rescue personnel to gain access to a victim of
an accident by cutting and prying their way through a way
through a car, building, or other obstacle. The model we are researching is the Hurst® MOC Combi Combination tool, the model number is 362R482. It can be used to cut through steel, spread apart obstacles to access victims.
The MOC Combi has a spreading force of up to 43,388 pounds, it can spread up to 16.72". Its cutting force is up to 120,272 lb. It is 34.01" long, 9.26" wide, and 7.54" tall. It weighs a surprisingly light 48 lbs for the amount of work it can do. Component Identification The power source is separate, so you can choose which ever one you would like. We have decided to use the Hurst JL-SG/JL-SG-ES/JL-SE. Its reservoir oil capacity is 1.45 gallons. It is available with a electric or gasoline motor. System Operation Schematic Reflection References Conclusion Questions Conclusion
1.List and describe the functioning components and purpose of a fluid power device at your house or school.

2.Explain an everyday task that could be performed more efficiently if a fluid power device were utilized. Reservoir/ Power Source Valve Pump Cylinder http://www.jawsoflife.com/products/Product/Default.aspx?ProductId=2356&ParentId=1171
http://www.essortment.com/jaws-life-work-27897.html Hydraulic fluid flows into a cylinder which places
pressure on a piston. Depending on which side
of the piston the force is exerted on, the claws either open
or close. If the piston rod is being raised, the claws open. If the piston rod lowers, the claws of the cutter come together to pinch through whatever obstacle you are trying to cut through. The valve allows the operator to actuate the piston in the cylinder, which in turn opens or closes the jaws of the tool. the valve opens one way allowing the high pressure oil, from the pump, to push its way into cylinder pushing the piston out. the valve can then be switched to allow the oil in the cylinder to be pushed back out because it is now the lower pressure because of the pump not pushing it in any more. Th Jaws of Life are powered by either a gas engine or an electric engine. The cutters are typically made of heat-treated steel blades. The cutters, as can be guessed by its name, are used to cut through materials of a car like steel or plastic to get to a trapped victim of a car crash. The spreader is used to pull pieces of the structure apart, they can also be used to insert in the side of a vehicle to tear a section out. To use the spreader, basically open the arms, the operator slides a valve switch which causes the hydraulic fluid to flow from one hose into the cylinder, which pushes the piston and rod up . The rod is attached to linkages which are attached to the spreader's arms. When the rod pushes up, the linkages rotate, which opens the arm. The jaws of Life can be and has been used to save many lives, The pump is what pressurizes the oil which allows the entire system to work. Our pump has a 1.45 gallon oil capacity. We believe the Jaws of Life devices are a very efficient and safe way to help gain access to victims of natural disasters or car accidents or anything where heavy hard objects create a barrier between emergency response personnel and the victim. Some possible improvements would be to decrease the weight, as it is 50 pounds, we could also make it open and close quicker. There is a log splitter at our house. The log splitter has valves, a chamber, a motor, a pump, a piston, and a wedge. The purpose of a log splitter is to split larger logs into smaller firewood with less difficulty The splitting of wood can be performed much more efficiently when done with a fluid power device, like the aforementioned log splitter.
It would save lots of manpower and time.
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