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Time & Territory Management- February 2013

No description

Jennifer Thomas

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Time & Territory Management- February 2013

1 pm Fact find Questions? Time & Territory Management Planning, Preparation, Prioritizing "Fail to Plan...
Plan to Fail" Where do you
spend your time??? Why is Time Management Important? Making Proposals Placing Service Calls Lunch Follow-ups Toner run Cold Calling Gas Run Customer
Complaints Waiting on Contracts Explore Meeting Ensures you alot time for REVENUE GENERATING activities EVERY DAY Prioritize where you will spend your time If you don't plan your time
1) You will lose it
2) It will be taken 3-5 follow-ups 10:30 Closing
Call 10-11:30
phone blitz 11 am Proposal 5 pm – Plan next Day 5 pm – Plan next Day 5 pm – Plan next Day 5 pm – Plan next Day 4:30 Wrap Up Prep time Prep time 5 pm – Plan next Day 2-4 XPPS Blitz 2-4 phone blitz 1-4 Cold call Blitz 8-10 phone blitz 1-3 Cold
call Blitz 2pm Proposal 1 pm proposal 9-11 Cold call
Blitz 11 am Account
review 1 pm Fact find 3 pm Fact find 7:45 Day Start 8-8:30 Mini / Perfect Sales day Kickoff 9 am Account
review Friday Morning meeting 5 Xerox Internal Use Only Planning
your Week 1:1 s / admin Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 5pm- Plan
next day 5pm- Plan
next day 5pm- Plan
next day 5pm- Plan
next day 5pm- Plan
next day 9-10:30 phone blitz 1pm- Fact Find  
Get into a good morning routine (8 am to 8:30 am)
Get in early!
Check OTT
Check / respond to emails/phone messages
Gather materials you will need for the day
Proofread any customer facing material you have prepared
Talk to your manager / FTC / Specialist if you have any issues or questions
Review your plan for the day to maximize customer facing time Planning your Day  
Get into a good end of day routine (4:30 pm)
Customer follow ups
Update MPL document
Organize and prioritize cold call cards from day – A, B, C
Plan the next day (where you will cold call, who you want to call, blitz list prep, admin, etc).
Work on proposals / account reviews for the week
Reflect: Did you have a productive day? Did you move at least one sales cycle forward today? Planning your Day 3) 1)  
Maximise time in territory - 9:30 am – 4 pm are the golden selling hours. You should NOT be in the office!!!

Set goals/targets for the day and make sure you are driving towards them
Cold call blitzes: How many cold calls? What areas will you hit?
Phone blitzes: How many phone calls? How many appointments?
Use a phone blitz tracking sheet to monitor the effectiveness of your blitz
Aim for a 50 point day!!  Planning your Day 2) Do this EVERY week, each and EVERY day and:
It will get easier and come naturally
You will be more prepared and organized
You will actually have *more* time
You will have better customer relations and follow up
You will have more effective cold call and phone blitzes
Your fact finds will be more thorough
Proposals will be reviewed and polished
You will be LESS STRESSED with BETTER RESULTS!!!! Benefits of Disciplined
Time Management... Sales Specific Activities Very Important, Not Urgent

Customer follow up
Appointment prep Very Important, Very Urgent
Booking appointments
Signing deals Not Urgent , Not Important

Chatting / texting
Checking personal email Very Urgent, Not Important

Customer needs toner Importance Prioritization Your life from
9:30 - 4 Urgency
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