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Art. Family Portrait

No description

Tatiana Shalashova

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of Art. Family Portrait

Morning in a pine forest
Family Portraits. School Project
Title:Peasant Family
The artist : Lansky Valery
People in the painting: Peasants :Mother,Dad and Son
Where are the people in the picture:People in the picture on the field
Technique:It is letter oil
Lev Karpulov
The title of the painting «The family Degenfeld» Miklos Barabas completed this painting 1854 AD. Picture painted in watercolor on canvas which shows mum dad and 3 daughter. They came to take a family picture .The family have beautiful clothes.

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
«Family portrait»

1. The artist of this painting is Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn.
2. This portrait was painted sometime between 1663 and1668 year.
3. The painting presents the artist, artist’s wife and their three young daughters. All of the family members are dressed in rich clothes.
4. The people in the painting are in the room, at their home. It means that they are family people, caring of each other.
5. The artist has used oil technique on the canvas. It is painted in baroque style.
Now the painting is located in Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum (HAUM) – art museum in the German city of Braunschweig, Lower Saxony.
Mark Pashnin
Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich completed this painting in 1889. The title is " Morning in a pine forest." Oil on canvas shows the four bears in a forest.

The family picture.
Not only Shishkin draw painting.
He was assisted by Konstantin Savitskybut the art collector Pavel Tretyakov erased his signature, so the author of the picture often is considered Shishkin.
The title of this painting is
The Mona Lisa
= Madam Lisa Giocondo
Leonardo da Vinci is the artist of this paint. Date of this pain is
The oil on canvas show a woman who's were a beautiful clothes, she see from us.Her smile is attractive. Artist use oil on the desk. It's a portrait.
1.The artist is Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova. She is one of the first world-famous russian women artists.
2. The date of painting is 1914.
3. The people in the painting are three children of the artist: the daughter Tata, the son Shurik and the son Jenia.
4. Children in the painting are sitting at the table and having breakfast. They look very nice and happy. The paining shows us the kindness and warmth of mother's love to her children.
The artist also paid a detailed attention to the still life . There is a nice set table in the centre of the painting with beautiful dishes. It looks like a part of the artist's happy time of life.
5. The painting is in the modern realistic style. The colors are bright and natural. ( Arthur Misyurin)
Tarasov Stepan
The title of the painting is "The Bellelli Family".
Edgar Degas painted it in 1862.
The oil on canvas shows artist s aunt Laura and her family (her husband and daughters) at home.
Cousin Giulia is sitting, cousin Laura is standing with mother, Laura Bellelli. Her husband is an armchair, half-turnad to the spectators. (Kukhtin Vova)
The Bellelli Family
The painting "Unexpected Return" was created by Ilya Repin.

It was created from 1884-1888. This painting is a great example of a historical and psychological portrait.

The painting shows us an unexpected coming of a revolutionary , a member of the "Narodnaya Volya" to his family. Repin represented expressively different reactions of every relative to an appearance of the family's head.

Wife sitting at the piano and a boy sitting at the table are very glad. A girl is looking with suspicion . Probably she even doesn't understand who this man is.There is a housemaid in the doorway. Her face expresses distrust. In the foreground there is an old woman , wearing black clothes. She is mother of the man. Her figure shows deep shock from the meeting.

The main value of the Repin's work is psychological analysis and historical truth. The masterpiece represents Repin's love of oil-painting , as it was his major technique.
Zverev Denis

He painted a picture of the painter Edgar Degas in 1858-1862 years. In this group portrait depicts Degas Aunt Laura and her husband, Baron Gennaro Belleli, and two children. The family depicted in the painting is at home. Standing poses on unconventional portraits of people, and the whole canvas conveys an atmosphere of strong family ties. The artist painted a picture in oil paints.
(Stupak Maria)
Artist: Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky
Name of the painting: "Virtuos"
Date of painting: 1891 year
Techniques used: Canvas, oil.

There are a young musician playing balalaika on the sunny glade and the four listeners. All the children are usual Russian villagers. The face of the musician is tense, because is trying very hard. The children are very interested in listening the music. Moreover (более того), one of the boys who is in the red shirt, is standing. He is going to start dancing. The painter tried to show us the careless (беззаботный) and quiet child's world.

Translated by Nosov Gordey
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