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The cycle of poverty

how it works

Jose Delgado

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of The cycle of poverty

What is it, and how does it begin and end? The Cycle of Poverty What is the cycle of poverty? How does the cycle begin? The cycle of poverty is a process in which a family with limited or no resources necessary for a successful life are stuck in a cycle of poverty, passing it on to the generations to come. The cycle can last for up to three generations. The cycle of poverty can begin in almost any situation. For example, a broken leg of the worker of the family. Parents can't get a good job. Or a medical condition, or injury happens, which plunges the family into debt. Often, the parents will slip into crime or drugs and alcohol, and leave the children without the proper parenting necessary. And the children repeat the cycle. Breaking out of the cycle of poverty To break out of the cycle of poverty, The parents must put their full effort forth to getting the children an education, so they can have a high enough income to support their children. Even so, only 1 out of 3 families escape, and 1/2 of them will slip back into it.There are many ways of breaking out of it, but they all require patience, and effort. There are many outreach corporations, working against this today. But the cycle of poverty is still going on in many countries. This is a shanty house, common in south America, and the Caribbean. Lights for learning is an example of one of these programs, which is giving children in Rwanda Africa solar powered lights to use at night, to aid their education. Sources Chicago Chronicle: Breaking the Cycle of poverty
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