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Odysseus the Epic Hero

No description

Tiffany Petty

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Odysseus the Epic Hero

Odysseus the Epic Hero Odysseus displays heroism when he
turns away from the temptations of the
alluring sirens. Odysseus shows an enormous amount of self control
while inside the Trojan horse. When Helen mimics the
wives of all the Greek warriors. Odysseus stepped up to
the plate, and held back his men from calling back to
Helen. Self Control is an essential part of being a hero. Epic Hero "My men came pressing round me, pleading :
'Why not take these cheeses, get them stowed, come back,
throw open all the pens, and make a run for it?
We'll drive the kids and lambs aboard. We say put out again on good salt water!'
how sound that was! Yet I refused. I wished
to see the cave men, what he had to offer-
no pretty sight, it turned out, for my friends.'"
Odysseus showed the heroic quality of leadership under pressure when he sacrificed six men instead of the whole crew. Odysseus showed the heroic quality of obedience when he did exactly what Circe told him to do, by going to the underworld. Odysseus shows self control when he tells his men to tie him to the mast to avoid the sirens. Odysseus shows one of his major flaws when his curiosity led to six of his mens death. By: Tiffany Petty and Ben Julen
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