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Basketball Coach

Senior Presentation

Kelsey Moos

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Basketball Coach

Kelsey Moos Basketball Coach Thousands of hours playing & observing History Introduction "To have long term success as Career Outlook Employ 242,900 men & women "Helper & persuader" Developed skills
-Leadership, communication, persuasion Job Shadows Community Service 5th Year Plan Reflection Coaching has always existed James Naismith 1891 Standards set by early coaches Sports have taken over 29% outlook 2010-2020 Continued participation Salaries:
- Junior high & high school - $2,000
- College & professionals - $100,000+ #1: Apex Physical Therapy, Airway Heights
-Physical Therapy #2: Eastern Washington University, Cheney
- Marketing & Advertising #3: Coached one tournament, Arizona
-8th grade AAU team 160 hours Refereed & court monitor Vacation Bible School FFA Breakfast & Booster Club Auction Arizona State University Exercise & Wellness Degree Play basketball
-Move down June 20 Requirement: Obsession Beneficial Boosted confidence for future Start early! Finish strong & savor moments a coach or any position in leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way" Classes Natural Science Mathematics ASU 101 English 101 Social & Behavioral Sciences Global Awareness Humanities, Fine Arts & Design Introduction to Informatics First-Year Composition Academic Success
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