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Just Listen

Karen Yost

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of YSicignano

Sarah Dessen
- Annabel
- Owen
- Sophie
- Whitney

- Kristen
- Will
- Emily
- Clarke
- Mallory
- Rolly

Annabel Greene looked like the perfect girl who had everything :cool friends,close family,good grades, a modeling career but nothing seems to be what appear. Her life is far from perfect.
Her friendship with cruel Sophie ended on a night that she can't bear remember and her sister has eating disorder.
Annabel wants to quit modeling and she becomes a loner untill she meets Owen Armstrong and his music world ... Annabel
"The past did effect the present and the future,in ways you could see and a million ones you couldn't.Time wasn' t a thing you could divide easily; there was no define middle or beginning or end.I could pretend to leave the past behind,but it would not leave me." "Music is a total constant. That' s why we have such a strong visceral connection to it,you know? Because a song can take you back istantly to a moment,or a place, or even a person. No matter what else has changed in your world,that one song says the same,just like that moment." Owen Sarah Dessen was born in 1970,Illinois but she
spent a lot of time in Chapel Hill,NC.Her parents
were both professors so she thinks maybe that's why
when she was young, she started to love reading.
She started to write stories when she was 8 and
she got for Christmas an old manual typewriter.In high school she
was a normal teenager and she said that her girlfriends have inspired
a lot of the stories in her books. She attended a collage at UNC
where she studied creative writing and gratuated with a
degree in English. Theer years after graduation,she sold her first
book "That Summer" in 1996.
After she published other 8 books :
1998 - Someone like you
1999 - Keeping the Moon
2000 - Dreamland
2002 - This Lullaby
2004 - The Truth about Forever
2006 - Just Listen
2008 - Lock and Key
2009 - Along for a ride
Main Characters - Annabel
- Owen
- Whitney
- Kristen
- Sophie
- Will
- Mallory
- Clarke "Silence is so freaking loud" "Don't think or judge...... "Because this is what happend when you try to run from the past.It just doesn't catch up,it overtakes...blotting out the future." "All I'd ever wanted was to forget,but even when I thought I had,pieces had kept emerging,like bits of wood,floating up to the surface that only think at the shipwreck below."
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