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Basketball and Physics!(:

No description

Maddie Novinska

on 17 February 2012

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Transcript of Basketball and Physics!(:

Basketball and Physics!(: Speed Projectile Motion Acceleration Velocity Gravity Momentum Force Friction Friction is the rubbing together of two objects causing a decrease in speed. How does friction apply to basketball? Well, I'm glad you asked! Friction is actually a big part in basketball. Without it, you wouldn't be able to hold the ball or run or walk! You would be sliding all over! Force is the amount of pressure you put on an object or making it move a certain way
Basketball and force are related also. To pass a ball, you need to push the ball towards another person with your strength. If you have enough force on the ball, it will reach your team member without being stolen. Another reason why force is important in basketball is basic dribbling! If you don't dribble hard enough, the ball won't come back to your hand. If you dribble too hard, the basketball will go over your head. Momentum is the movement of an object. In the sport, momentum is pretty important. Again, it is important with dribbling the ball. When you dribble, you cause the momentum to go downward. When the basketball hits the ground, the momentum is upward. Gravity is basically what keeps us from floating into the air. It's the force pressing down on us and the objects around us. Well, without gravity, basketball wouldn't work at all... We'd be floating around all over! But that's not all. When you shoot the basketball, the ball is first going up, but then, as gravity takes effect it goes down. without gravity, it'd be impossible to score... The basketball would NEVER go into the hoop. Velocity is how fast or slow an object is going in a specific direction Well, when you go up for a layup, the basketball's velocity is the same as the sum of your velocity and the ball's. So, you have to make sure the ball hits the backboard or the high amount of velocity will make it bounce of the rim, backboard, anything, and make you miss the shot. Your velocity changes throughout the game. You speed up. You slow down. You change direction! You name it. You could be running at high speed, but then have to turn quickly because the ball got turned over. Acceleration is the increase or decrease of an object's speed or velocity. In basketball, accerleration is key. You need to speed up to catch up to other players, or to beat them to the hoop. You need to slow down so you can gather yourself for a jump shot. Acceleration is soo important! Also, when you shoot the ball, accerleration is present. At first it's moving fast because you applied force to it. But, as time goes on, it slows down because of gravity causing it to deccelerate. Projectile motion is the motion of an object placed into the air at an angle. Projectile motion is mainly involved in shooting a basketball. When shooting the basketball, the ball's angle and speed are extremely important in making the basket. If your angle is too big, you'll probably airball it.. over the backboard.. OUCH. If the angle is to small, you won't have an arc, and it will either be short or have no rotation on the ball. No rotation equals a flat or unmoving basketball. This means your chances of missing increase greatly. Speed is how fast or slow an object is moving. Speed can be the determining factor of a win or loss. If a team isn't hustling up and down the court, they'll lose. In my opinion, it's guarenteed. Well, unless both teams are extremely slow. If a team doesn't hustle, then a basket will most likely by the opposing team every time. And it will probably be from an easy layup that could have just as easily been prevented.
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