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Untitled Prezi

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Sibel Çetindağ

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

1971 – Starbucks opens the first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market

1997 – Establishes the Starbucks Foundation. Total stores:
1- Where did the original idea for the Starbucks format come from? What lesson for international business can be drawn from this?
2-a What drove Starbucks to start expanding internationally?
2-b How is the company creating value for its stakeholders by pursuing an international expanding strategy?
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
1983 – Howard travels to Italy, intention develop a similar coffeehouse culture in Seattle

1984 – testing of coffeehouse concept, first latte

1996 – Opens stores in Japan (first store outside of North America) and Singapore. Total stores:
1998 – Launches Starbucks.com. Total stores:
2000 – Establishes licensing agreement with TransFair USA to sell Fair trade certified coffee in U.S. and Canada. Total stores:
2002 – Establishes Starbucks Coffee Trading Company (SCTC) in Switzerland. Launches Wi-Fi in stores. Total stores:
2004 – Opens first Farmer Support Center in Costa Rica. Introduces Starbucks Coffee Master Program. Total stores:
2010 – Expands digital offerings for customers with free unlimited Wi-Fi, Starbucks Digital Network. Total stores:
2013 – Announces strategic agreement with Danone. Total stores:
The idea came in 1883, when the director of marketing, Howard Schultz, went to Italy. There he got a format of coffeehouse.
Learning: sometimes it is significant to have an international experience in order to improve your own business concept and ideals of business. Seen what is going on over the border make you more open-minded and allows to look at the situation globally.
Global approach,
expanding gives new opportunities and experience, money.
Selling “a third place experience”. Space rather than just a product.
Selling premium roasted coffee, fresh-brewed espresso-style coffee beverages, along with pastries, accessories, teas and other tastefully designed products.
3 - Why do you think Starbucks decided to enter the Japanese market via a joint venture with a Japanese company ?
a.to adapt to Japanese market quickly
b.manpower resources
c.to gain Japanese consumers’ trust
d.with the smallest investment risk

4 - Is Starbucks a force for globalization ?
a.products globalization
b.business philosophy globalization

5- When it comes to purchasing coffee beans , Starbucks adhered to a "fair trade program " . How might a fair trade policy benefit Starbucks ?
- In 2000 , Starbucks started to purchase Fair Trade Certificated coffee .
- This is good way to protect environment and people from affects of globalization .
- This is good for their brand image .
( One of the 19 companies in the world that uses fair trade. )
- Most of Starbucks drinkers wanted to take this type of coffee

Starbucks was founded with excitement.
They are trying to do their best work.
SO , they are successful.
They think not only themselves but also the
Fair Trade Certificate
Thank you for your attention .
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