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Getting Started In Consulting Presentation

Presentation for Practicum Class

Jason Johnson

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Getting Started In Consulting Presentation

Case Study: Identity Engineers APPLICATIONS
Entrepeneurial Coaching
Team Building
Career Services
High School Career Counseling
Web Development Expertise: Identity Analysis & Perception Development Getting Started Common Misconceptions about Consulting Ten Necessary Personality Traits Attributes Long Hours, Endless Travel
Work the phone constantly for new contacts
A ceiling annual income of $300,000
Billing by hour or per diem
The classic motto: Under promise and over deliver Reality: Consulting is What You Make It Alan Weiss makes 7 figures annually from his own office
He works only 20-30 hours a week
He chooses when he wants to travel
He doesn't bill hourly/per diem, but he bills based on the value he provides.
He integrates his family and work life. Humor and Perspective
Confidence & Self Esteem
Rapid Reframing
Value Generation
Active Listening
Instantation (making abstract concepts tangible)
Bang-Bang repsonsiveness (No such thing as not enough time)

Per Alan Weiss, 8 out of 10 of these should suffice. I think I have 8 out of 10

Considerations Time Management Integrate Work and Family Life
Keep a "To Do" List
Don't Do Things That You Can Delegate or Are Unskilled In
Don't Dally Over Low Priority Decisions
Do What Feels Right at the Time
Maintain a Sanctum Sanctorum
Spend Money to Maximize Efficiency (i.e. using personal phone for biz)
Be Selfish With Your Personal Time
Break Up Long Term Work Into Chunks
Schedule Time for the Unexpected

Alternative Workspaces Home Office IDEAL REQUIREMENTS
Space and Privacy is Most Important
Be Able To Talk to Clients Without Noise and Disturbances
Private Area Door
Room for Equipment Lines
Climate Control
Natural Light
Room for Spacious Desk

Dirt Cheap
Can be wrote off on taxes

Phone: www.my1voice.com
Fax: www.myfax.com
Computer: 2 Laptops My Office Shared Space Most Equipment Included
May Include Secretary and Answering Service

Price Ranges from $200-$2000 monthly depending on area.

Have to leave home
May not be accessible when you need it

Formal Office ALAN SAYS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mortgage Costs
Clients rarely come to YOUR site
Office Supplies

Formal Offices are an Ego Trip. Alan runs a 7 figure consulting firm from his home!!!!!! Two Line Phone
Desktop PC
Postage Meter
Cell Phone

Equipment Capital 6-12 months living expenses
6-12 months for business
Equipment costs $7,500-$15,000
Shouldn't be working a day job.

Legal & Professional Services
Create a name
Create a legal entity (C-Corp, S-Corp, or LLC)
Find lawyers, accountants, bank, banker, and financial advisor
Professionals should be familar with entrepreneurs/ small business
Graphic and Web Designer

Gravity Presskits

Stationery and Image Products

Probono Work
Listings, Ads, and Passive Sources
Branding Yourself Web Presence Publishing Media Appearances Speaking Engagements Newsletters Letterhead and second sheets
Business Cards

How to network effectively
Learn who's attending the event
Begin causal conversation with targets
Introduce yourself without describing your work
Get contact alone, and provide valuable information
If asked what you do provide succint responses
Exchange information (No sales information)
Deliver valuable info as promised
In a week follow up to see if info was helpful
In a few weeks send more value (potential customer, contact, article)
If other party replies with thanks, suggest lunch or breakfast

Put in two pocket folder
Have paper version
Include results client can expect
Position/ White Papers

Non profit Organizations
Establish Trust Relationship
Take on dirtiest jobs
Join trade organization and join committess
Use work in presskit
Use directories and buyers guides such as:
American Society for Training and Development
Training Magazine
Kennedy Publications Consulting Guide
Year Book of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons
Budget of $1000 annually should cover these
Find reasonable designer by looking at sites you like
Write your own copy
Use someone with SEO experience
Use an expert, don't use amateur help
Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $2500 or more Commercial Publishing
Contact Editor
Then send letter of inquiry containing
The article you would like to submit and how its beneficial
Your credentials
A brief summary of the content

Self Publishing
ISBN Number
Make available on Amazon.com
Print and Web
Explain why you're a good choice.
Add a different twist
Contact sites and periodicals who's audience appeals to your work

Can turn into consulting jobs
Additional stream of income
Speeches can become products
Gives you additional exposure Dont use to sell
Add value to subscriber
Radio and TV
List in directories

10 steps for good interviews
Listen to host's show
Ask in advance for demographics
Include 1-5 points in your responses
Get a recording afterwards
Use notes
Be prepared for change
Speak favorably and use host's name
Tell everyone you know about your appearance
Have them call in with questions in your favor
Include recordings in your presskit Business Acquistion
Find the true buyer
Tame Gatekeepers
Get Conceptual Agreement through a series of "small yeses"
Don't try to sell right away
Provide value
Think about the 4th sale
Every two years, eliminate the bottom
15% of your business clients
Relationship Development Proposals -Proposal should contain
Situational Appraisals
Measures of Success
Expression of Value
Methodologies and Options
Joint Accountabilities
Terms and Conditions
Price options
How to raise fees
Charge on project/ value generation
Give rebates for upfront payments
Turn resistance into additional services that can be offered
Engage client in diagnoses, don't use ready made solutions
Never reduce price without equal reduction in value

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