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Green Fuels...

Sustainable Biodiesel

James Hygate

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of Green Fuels...

So what are the drivers?

Peaks of discovery were 1950 and 1965
Peak of production late 2000
Price expected to continue to rise
87% energy from fossil fuels
1.6% global energy from renewables
So biodiesel is a renewable fuel that can reduce carbon emissions, save money and have a positive health effect on communities...

"to be the world's leading manufacturer of community scale
biodiesel production equipment"

As you will see we are well on our way........
Diminishing oil reserves...
Alberta tar sands...
so ...
its getting harder to find...
An ever increasing price of fuel.
Greenhouse gas emissions are affecting world climates.
Fossil diesel is a major contributor
But sustainable biodiesel can help.......
Climate Change
All of the countries marked in red offer opportunities for decentralised production and currently have under capacities and growing mandates.....
Government targets
Its now expensive........ everywhere
We manufacture and commission equipment to produce the highest quality biodiesel that can be used up to a 100% replacement for fossil fuel diesel.
scaled to the available feedstock...
From small business, pilot projects & home user
to skid mounted high volume industrial production based on a modular design
and everything in-between

2003 Green Fuels Ltd. founded by James Hygate
2004 Selected as preferred supplier to major engine manufacturers
2005 Acquired manufacturing rights to leading US equipment supplier
2006 Acquired technology rights to German commercial scale technology
2006 Won Gloucestershire Small Business of the Year Award
2007 First Fuelmatic installed
2007 Biodiesel supplier to The Royal Train
2007 Launch of Fuelpod 2 & 3
2008 Won Innovation of the Year at Green Fleet Awards
2008 Selected to Europe’s CleanTech 100
2009 Listed in Globe Forums Top 100 Sustainable Innovators
2009 Acquired assets of Renewal Fuels Inc. and established Green Fuels America Inc.
2010 First Fuelmatics in USA, Mexico, Hong Kong
2011 Established Green Fuels Asia
2011 First Fuelmatics in Dubai, Paraguay
2012 First Fuelmatic in Australia
2013 First Fuelmatic in Indonesia
2013 Granted Royal Warrant
A Brief History of Green Fuels
Green Fuels America
255 Freeport Bvd
Sparks, Nevada 89431
+1 775 336 6193
Green Fuels Ltd
Green Fuels House
21 Oldends Lane Ind Estate
Gloucestershire GL10 3RQ
+44 1453 828003
Manufacturing capability in UK and USA currently…..
B100 use in
~3.2 kW-hr per litre
B100 use in transport
since 2003 we have recognised as the experts in...
Green Fuels
is privately owned and has grown organically since 2003...
and now has a customer base producing over
one million
28 major plants installed
Over 7,000 Fuelpods & Fuelmeisters
Designed to allow for huge flexibility enabling the processing of multiple feedstocks:
Waste cooking oil
Virgin oils
Animal fats and tallows
Green Fuels expertise to ensure consistently high quality biodiesel
saving 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide every day and growing....
Green Fuels...

FuelMatic - High quality biodiesel
Optimised process (patents pending)
CE, ATEX safety accreditation
Easy implementation and operation
Built to last
Flexibility and scalability
Low CAPEX and rapid return on investment
...safety everywhere

Internal Methanol recovery and reuse

Optical isolation of field devices

Manual inspection and emergency control throughout the system
CE /ATEX approved

Automated feedback loo
ps from field devices
Safety summary
CE/ATEX safety approved
Automated feedback loops
Internal Methanol recovery
Optical Isolation
Manual inspection and emergency control
Easy to install and use
Factory built and commissioned.
Shipped to site by Green Fuels in standard sea containers
Easy to install and use

Fully Automated
Touch screen PLC control
Remote access
Industrial Strength
Stainless steel construction
Skid mounted
Flange joints
Designed for easy maintenance
Easy to install and use

No water or steam
Electricity is the only service required
Can be run off a biodiesel generator...
Diesel Generator
Community scale not large scale processing
Immediate payback and long term protection of investment
The Green Fuels way....
Conventional thinking
Build a large plant
But there are issues
Needs huge quantities of feedstock oils to run
Very expensive to build (circa $50m)
Expensive to run
No scalability
the past....
Green Fuels thinking
Each module scales modules available from 3,000 L to 50,000 L per day.
Deploy modules to UCO collection points, cities, pressing facilities etc.
Green Fuels thinking

Or scale at a central facility as feedstock supplies increase
Mexico FuelMatic GSX 20, Tapachula, Chiapas Region - 20,000 L per day production
Hong Kong Mobile FuelMatic GSX 20, Fanling
- 20,000 L per day production
Paraguay FuelMatic GSX 8, Asunción
-8,000 L per day production
USA FuelMatic GSX 20, Massachussets
- 20,000 L per day expanding to 80,000 L per day production
Green Fuels thinking

Mobile option also available
Huge activity and investment in feedstock developments
Green Fuels the world experts in processing Used Cooking Oil (UCO)
The majority of our customers currently process UCO as their major feedstock.

The Fuel produced is being used by high profile customers such as HRH The Prince of Wales, McDonald's, HMPS, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Banyan Tree Resorts Etc.
All McDonald's trucks in Dubai and Melbourne are now running on 100% biodiesel. This is now being replicated elsewhere....
Chiapas, Mexico
UK, 17 Plants
FuelMatic references in key markets
Boston, USA
Asunción, Paraguay
Miltown, Ireland
Dubai, UAE
Hong Kong & China
Johannesburg, SA
Global Presence
Melbourne, Australia
Bali, Indonesia
Biodiesel is now a $multi-billion industry.
Green Fuels is leading the way in skid mounted production equipment.
Our decentralised model ‘fits’ the true market.
Flexibility allow consistent quality with variable feedstocks
FuelMatic offers the best value per litre processing available today.
Thank you….
James Hygate

Our Mission
the future
Sustainable Biodiesel
Biodiesel emits 85% less C02 than fossil diesel...
how is this calculated?
The carbon intensity of mineral diesel is 3128 g/litre of CO2 equivalent.

But due to its cyclic nature biodiesel produced from Waste vegetable Oil is only 437 g/litre of CO2 equivalent
That's a saving of 2.7 Kg per litre!!
and other emissions...
this has resulted in a significant increase in government targets all over the world......
reduce even in blends
and rising
Perfect for closed loop recycling e.g McDonald's, Dubai & Melbourne
On-site recycling e.g HMPS, UK
Remote energy and fuel e.g Caritas, Bali
Government projects e.g. Chiapas, Mexico
and many, many more....
Many countries have passed peak oil...
click to watch video
click to watch process
Contact us....

Green Fuel Ltd.
Green Fuels House
21 Oldends Industrial Estate
GL10 3RQ

Tel - +44 1453 828003
Fax - +44 1453 823350

email - info@greenfuels.co.uk
web - www.greenfuels.co.uk

Its use is increasing...

Automated biodiesel processors (from 3,000 L per day)
1st B100 Train - Royal Train 2007
B100 Rally from London to Athens - 2008
1st B100 Jet Flight - Nevada 2007
'Fields of Fuel' film - 2008
TopGear - 2008
Bio-ethanol Aston Martin for Royal Wedding - 2011
'Chocolate' Powered Racing car - 2009
TopGear B100 racing car - 2008
PWC London HQ - 2011
Royal 'diesel electric' Train - 2007
Atlantis Hotel, Dubai - 2012
Welcome to
Green Fuels
Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Disposal
All over the world there is a problem with the disposal of used cooking oil.
Disposing of UCO to drainage systems can pollute water courses and block sewers.
In some countries such as China it is often recovered from the drainage system, filtered and illegally sold back into the food chain. This has lead to severe health problems and severe punishments to the perpetrators.
In many countries it has been banned for use in animal feed due to animal by-products orders.
provides a high value alternative use.
Indonesia FuelMatic GSX 3, Bali. - 3,000L per day production
Turnkey installation
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