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The Landing

No description

Jefff SSteenbergen

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of The Landing

The Landing John Ibbitson ''I can pay him three dollars a day.''

''helping them with their lures and their lines--they sometimes charged two dollars a day. And she was offering a dollar a day more to a kid to help fix up a cottage.''
(Ibbitson 51-52) Three dollars
With his father killed in a forestry
accident he is left to be the man of the house. Ben is 15 years old and is a hardworking boy and respects his mother. His dream is to be a professional violin player. Ben Mercer ''Start with the barn. I want you to muck it out
and lay down fresh hay''
(Ibbitson 103)
Just something I caught on in this book is that
the author mustn't be a farmer because you
wouldn't bed cows with hay . Especially
if ou are poor because hay is way more
expensive than wheat straw. Mrs.Mercer A widowed wife of Mr.Mercer. Sister of Henry and loving mother of Ben. ''Yes, well, he's always loved music. He plays the violin, you know''
(Ibbitson 66) Henry The uncle of Ben and brother of Mrs.Mercer. He is like a father to Ben. ''How did you manage to get drunk last night?''
(Ibbitson 102) ''And I'll bet you can't mix Scotch and
soda very well, either.
Never mind, you'll learn in no time.'' Ruth Chapman A New Yorker woman who hired
Ben Mercer to fix up her cottage.
She taught Ben a lot. In the book ' The Landing' by John Ibbitson; the main character ,Ben, has had a tough life so far. He lives in the Muskoka Region which ,at the time, is financially in a deep, deep depression. 15 year old Ben has always helped his Uncle Henry at the family own company, The Landing.
One day a new person came to town. Ruth Chapman. A rich New Yorker bought a cottage and hired Ben to help fix it up. Ben learned about his life long goal. Playing the violin. Ruth told Ben to move to Toronto to fulfill his life long goal. To live out you dream? OR Stay and work for two dollars a day? All of a sudden a job popped up from John Hotchkins. He hired Ben and Henry to work on a cottage he just bought. Aboard the Waome, on the way to their new job a twist happened in the story. They were caught in a storm and ... True History:
The true history from the book ''The Landing'' is where it takes place and the boat ''Waome'' used. As I said the book takes place in the Muskoka Region.
Historical Note
On October 6, 1934, late in the
morning, the steamship 'Waome' was stuck by a sudden storm on Lake Muskoka.
(Ibbitson 156) I would relate this novel with the average fifth teen year old boy today. Ben to play his violin at a party. He was playing really hard so a friend of Ruth gave him a beer. Several beers later he goes home. In the morning he is hungover. His uncle Henry flips and makes him jump in the lake.
Today if someone who is fifteen was to come home
drunk their guardian would flip out and punish them suvierly . ''How did you manage to get drunk last night?''
(Ibbitson 102) Moral: ''Just because you aren't around someone all the time or you don't share secrets doesn't me you don't love them.''
In ''The Landing'' The main character, Ben has a tough relationship with his uncle. Further on in the book a tragedy happens and Ben's uncle could leave him. Ben realized his love for Henry and just won't let go.
''Henry!'' Ben yelled. ''Come on! We have to swim!'' Ibbitson, John. The Landing. Toronto: kids can press, 2008. 7-155. Print.
Google images. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Nov. 2012. Path: google.ca.
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