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Using Prezi to Teach Prezi

No description

Ana Gamboa

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Using Prezi to Teach Prezi

Using prezi to teach prezi Step 1:
Double click to add ideas Step 3:
Use the zebra wheel Step 2:
Zoom in! Step 4:
Add images Step 5:
Choose your p Basics Making your Prezi better Layering Grouping Prezi-enting Don't worry, there's a path! Remember! Try new things Have fun Use zooming to stress big ideas and differentiate them from spefifics
S I Z E Matters! Move with the middle Spin things around! a t h ? ? ? Why? Because moving around makes your audience dizy right? How do I fix it? By zooming in and only moving around small areas, we are less likely to suffer from motion sickness Just because you leave the path, doesn't mean you can't go back to it. ALWAYS!!! That is definitely A+ work! Surprise your audience
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