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No description

Lizzie Jenkins

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of RESEARCH REPORT...

Lizzie Jenkins
Looking at our relationship with the landscape
-The sublime landscape: looking at ideas from the 18th century from landscape painters, poets and explorers, to that of today's.

-The receding wilderness of today's consumer society.

-How technology and material objects have effected our interaction with the natural landscape.

-What will happen over the course of the next century?
The Leopard Man of Skye
Hating the modern life of technology and materiality, Woodbridge moved to live a completely isolated life for 20 years in the ruins of an old cottage in the Scottish Highlands.
Trapped inside
What is is like to be locked inside a tiny space knowing that you may never be able to run free in the outdoors?

-I'm going into Edinburgh's prison and hospital for the criminally insane to find out what the toll of being behind bars has in regards to an inmates idea of the natural landscape.

"Our detritus gets everywhere, from the highest mountains to the deepest oceans: Abandoned plastic bags drift ghostlike in the unfathomable depths, even kilometers beneath the floating Artic ice caps. Wherever you look, this truth is there to behold: Pristine nature-creation has disappeared forever." Mark Lynas

End result...
Lots of paintings!!!!

Collecting all these ideas and images together, I'm going to produce a body work - starting with drawings and developing them into large scale and smaller scale paintings.
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