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Mojo Books & Music

No description

Anya Michelle

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of Mojo Books & Music

Key Objectives
Create a stronger media presence and expand public awareness
Introduce Mojo "as the book & record store with more" to new market segments
Maintain a cost effective budget
Past Advertising Plan
Team Fantastic
Target Audience
Primary -
USF Students

ages 18-25, in the College of Arts and Sciences
Secondary -
Cultured, down to earth singles, ages 20-29
Tertiary -
College educated, trendy singles 18 + associated with USF community
Media Mix
Online Advertisements - Facebook
Google AdSense - increase the frequency of advertisements on pages of potential customers
Social Media - Twitter & Instagram presence
Flyers - generate awareness around USF campus
Opened a
Expanded & opened
coffee and tea bar
Sold used books at USF Bull Market
History of Mojo
Organic, local,
handcrafted manually brewed coffee
Coffee & Tea
Used books, CDs, DVDs, & Records
What does Mojo offer?
Cash offer or store credit (with an additional 40%) for used books, records, CDs & DVDs
Selling & Trading Program
Frequent Buyer Punch Cards
Implementing new frequent buyer card program
Flyers feat. QR codes
Personal Selling
Instagram and Twitter
Internet & Other Social Media
Smartphone App
Direct Marketing
Flyers & Outdoor Advertistments
Any questions?
Find Your Mojo!
Key Benefit:
A unique environment with a plethora of cultured goods.
Situation Analysis
Location & variety of services
Lack of "buzz"
Update logo, increase social media presence
Competition with Internet
Budget Breakdown
loose leaf tea
made to order
2012 Budget
Proposed Budget
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