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The Mark of Athena Prezi

No description

Clayton McDonald

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The Mark of Athena Prezi

The Mark of Athena By: Rick Riordan Biography Biography Part 2 Biography Part 3 Setting Protagonist List of Books Antagonist While Rick was in college he worked
for three summers as Music Director
for Camp Capers. This camp became
his idea for Camp Half-Blood. His first
full time teaching job was at a middle
school in New Braunfels, Texas. After
teaching in Texas for awhile, Rick and
his wife moved to the San Francisco Area He taught in San Francisco for 8 years
at Presidio High School. He also had
two kids in San Francisco, Haley and
Patrick. The Percy Jackson Series
The Kane Chronicles
The Heroes of Olympus
39 Clues
Various other books This book takes place in a couple spots.
The first would be the Roman camp in
California. The second is the Atlantic
Ocean/Mediterranean Sea and Rome. The main antagonist of this book
is Gaea. She is the mother of all the Olympians and Goddess of the Earth. She as been
Sleeping for a long time and she wants
to destroy the Olympians. Rick was born on June 6, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. He attended Alamo Heights High School where he was editor of the school newspaper. He also wrote an underground newspaper which made fun of the school and its losing football team (The football team later egged his car.) He then began college at North Texas State University. After his first year he transferred to the University of Texas at Austin The main Protagonist in this book
is Annabeth Chase. She is 16 years
old with blond hair and grey eyes.
She is extremely smart because she is a daughter of Athena. The conflict of this book is man vs. man. Because the main characters have to learn to make tough decisions that could end up hurting each other. Conflict The book takes place in California, South Carolina, The Atlantic ocean, The Mediterranean Sea, and Rome. The story revolves around a group of demigods trying to save the world. The main characters
are attacked in South Carolina
by the Roman Demigods. Annabeth finds Athena's
long lost statue Percy and Annabeth fall
in the pit to Tartarus Nico and the rest have to
close the Doors of Death
and save Percy and Annabeth 5 Stars I give this book 5 stars.
It kept me entertained the
whole way through. The
ending was unexpected but
it has me looking forward to the
next book. What you liked best My favorite part is how all
the main characters are our age.
it puts their situations in perspective
and is entertaining. What you did not like There were not any
parts of this book that I
didn't like. What you would have changed The only part of this book
I would have changed is when
Annabeth broke her leg. Recommendations I would recommend this book to
anyone who enjoys mythology
and action books. Made by: Clayton McDonald Created by: Clayton McDonald
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